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Sometimes, when I think about Bronys, I feel like I might be dreaming...




So sometimes, I think moreso recently, I've been thinking about the Brony fandom, as a whole. Not just Canterlot.com, but the entire fandom of Bronies.

When I first started watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, I do so for nostalgia's sake. Heck, I even tried to 'convert' my friend... and I'm pretty sure that was before I had even heard of Bronies.

I had just planned to watch this show alone, in my room, on YouTube. Not even watch a livestream, just wait for an episode to come out and watch it then. I may have even just watched at random whenever I remembered about the show. It was just going to be a secret hobby. I wasn't going to collect the toys. I wasn't going to wear the shirts. I was going to be just one of a few adults who watched the show.

I never thought that I would find other fans. I never thought they would be guys.

Last weekend, I sat in a room with around 30 guys and watched both finale episodes. I thought back on it a few days later, and was like... that is so weird. I sat on a couch in between two guys, with guys sitting in front of me on the floor, guys standing on the edges of the room...

It's not that I would have been overly surprised to be sitting around with a few (girl) fans watching it... but guys?

I've just been thinking recently how weird of a concept the Brony fandom actually is. I mean... it's literally like something that someone would dream, wake up and think how weird it was, then go on with life.

I guess I just find it so odd that there are more guys that like it than girls. I mean, I can see a few guys getting into it. Heck, even half and half could seem normal. But majority? I'm just... like... what?

And so, sometimes when I think about the Brony fandom, I feel like I should wake up, and find all the male fans just a dream. Oh internet. Oh you.



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I guess being a member of the furry fandom, it's nothing new.

Then again, one can do worse than be a member of a group that like ponies that teach friendship, love and tolerance!

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