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OC Pony help!




blog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngblog-0983172001338002971.pngHi guys.I want to make a new OC but I can't figure out a name for him.Lets make a list of important things to consider while naming him.

  1. He is a Daring Doo fan so that is his job.
  2. He usally messes up and somehow always finds himself in a big mess.
  3. He Resides near the everfree forests and wakes up big monsters to play hide and seek.
  4. He is an earth pony.
  5. And finally he is very daring and isn't the least bit shy.

Any way thanks for the help that will come.



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