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Potenital new OC?




I have a few ideas about a potential new OC, but I don't know what He/she will be or what they're going to look like...all I know is their cutie mark is a bubbling cauldron. I have unofficially named them "Shimmering Spell" but it's just....just not right. Ideas and other things would be greatly appreciated.



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A unicorn. Perhaps charcoal coat color with a sort of silvery wavy long mane and tail with a white and black stripe in the middle.

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I'm thinking of making this one a male...Xiee, I love you. <3 that sounds perfect. I'll give him a more appropriate name from a generator soon. CanterlotBrony, witch's hat as an accessory or a cutie mark? I like the idea of it being his accessory, but not his cutie mark (I'm not changing his cauldron...sorry.)

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