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Bits of nostalgia trip




I hate to not be able to post an image of what became a spine on my side for some time, yep, it was early 90's and I had a Where's Waldo Wand (WWW, talk of alliterative appeal) the thing was a plastic tube, about 10, 12" in lenght, full of mistery water and glitter (Big chunks, not that glitter so smooth it can go on your blood stream tru the lungs) And somehow it was supossed to be a little Waldo there... The term "little" is relative, because I never knew how small or how was supposed to look... Over the years, my infancy died the day I assumed he was missing due to a factory mistake...

Now I know, Waldo was supposed to be a specially cut outline of glitter material, not the big, full color rendition the advert show, Gee, 90' I want my childhood back



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