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Why I will never again attempt to post a story on EQD.




The following is a screencap of an e-mail conversation between myself and one of the Fanfiction moderators of EQD, upon submiting my story, "Flare of Hope" to EQD.


Now, to those who have read the story, you'd understand the basis of the story, and realize that it is NOT, in fact, a Brony in Equestria story.



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I've tried posting 2 stories to EqD, both of which were denied due to poor grammar, but I didn't care and took it as a chance to laugh at myself.

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I submitted one and got an auto-message saying it wasn't even being forwarded to the prereaders for "capitalization and coma usage problems."

Considering I just aced a college Comp class with a 10 page research paper, I doubt my grammar is that terrible. It would have been nice if it had even been read.

So I feel you on the "doubt I'm going to bother," mindset.

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Although I did come up with a fairly hilarious idea today, and i'm posting it here to prove that I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST! It's gonna be called "The Marvelous Misadventures of the Apple Twins." It's gonna be about Applejack's lesser known relatives named Apple Pucker, and Appletini. It's going to be non stop comedy.

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