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Comic/T.V Series/Animated show/anime thing.Me and my best (female) friends idea!




blog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgblog-0832636001345615077.jpgAlright so me and my best female friend have come up with characters a setting some basic storylines and about everything to make up a book series.But that is not what we want to do. Originally it was going to be a comic series but I have all those ideas in the title!So here is going to be the characters with a short description,the setting and some storylines.Oh and each characters "special weapon" because we can!


Colt-My main character.He is a model and is very nice to his friends and family he is also a brony.Laid back and can go supah depressed sometimes.(loosely based off my nickname on here!)Special Weapon:Studio light.((He looks like the pic.))

Japon-Friends main character.Runs a bar.Drinks smokes swears and hears voices in her head.Tormented by the memory of masked people who slaughtered her parents.Hates almost everybody and everything.She enjoys to mess with almost everybody.Special Weapon:Ice Scythe

David-Colts brother also a brony but more subtle.He is a singer and that is all he can do he can't even talk and anything that isn't a word that he says like screaming is in auto tune.Japon actually likes this one.They use him like a jukebox.Special Weapon:Microphone stand as a staff.

Phoenix-Japon's older sister.She is quiet and not as bad as Japon she gets attached easily and is too happy go lucky.Special Weapon:Fire Sword

Lotus-Colts girlfriend.She is happy all the time and optimistic she is nice to everybody but can hold herself in a fight and isn't a girly girl even though she looks it.She also cooks cleans washes clothes and does every duty of a house wife.Special Weapon:Two daggers

Brown Lily:She is Japon's girlfriend(*cough*).Brown Lily dosn't smoke and only hears real peoples voices but other than that almost exactly like Japon.Brown Lily also likes to pick on Lotus.Special Weapon:Metal gloves mixed with martial arts and sometimes a hoe.

Brown Bat-A tough girl and a serious tomboy.She runs a sports store.Brown is Lily's sister.Brown Bat likes to play sports watch sports and enjoys bubble gum and beer (not at the same time).Special Weapon:Metal baseball bat.

China-A total pervert and flirts with almost every guy he sees but is a real sweet heart unless you mess with him and his friends then you are basically dead.He runs a barber shop and is pretty cool.Special Weapon:Butterfly knife and sometimes broken scissors.

Prancer-China's sister.She hates almost every man on the planet except for China.Has a bad past and dosn't want to talk about unless you earn her trust which is NOT easy.Has a little thing for Brown Bat.Prancer likes to cook and clean but can be harsh sometimes.Special Weapon:A weapon with a long handle and ends in a slightly curved blade.She has two.

That is all the characters for now.On to setting.

Main Setting

House 1-Owned by Japon and Phoenix who took in Colt,Lotus,and David as tenants.Brown Lily lives with Japon.

House 2-This is their neighbors house.Owned by Brown Bat China and Prancer.

????-We'll find out a street for them.

Japon's Bar-Well Japon's bar we don't have a name for it yet.

Okay that takes out the setting now for some basic story line ideas!

Basic Story Line Stuffs

Prologue-Japon,Brown Lily and Phoenix are walking down the beach trying to figure out how to pay for the house when Phoenix and Lily both say tenants!(So that introduces the other characters of House 1)Then a tour of the house and they meet the neighbors!They become buddies.

First Fight-Japon and Phoenix walking down the street at night when they hear a scream in an alley way they run in and see a few guys attacking Prancer who is pinned.They beat the heck outta the guys and earn Prancers trust!

First Huge Battle-The main characters versus the masked people in which secrets are reveled.And something BAD happens including Japon and Colt.

Holidays-We plan for special holiday episodes issues or whatever.

Jobs-We also plan on some different job ideas just to have fun with the characters.Some we want:Teacher and Cop!

Future-We had some ideas of having like future warp stuff or something like that.

That is it for all that.Now to explain on it more.We had a title called Urban "Family" but I wants to change it.Oh and if some of the characters sound familiar I humanized some of my OCs and I might of RPed as them.As you can see most of it is just plans which is it kinda is just plans.I haven't gotten in touch with her for a while so this might change alright?Just a heads up.If you want to hear more about it I am planning to do a blog about it on here.If you want to pitch ideas for us please PM me if not....good.So that is about it thanks for listening!~Colt



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