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So I have this blog....




I have recently made my own blog on Tumblr.com. It's one of those "Ask-" blogs with a pony OC of mine. In the week or so since I created it, it has recieved two questions (both, I suspect, from the same friend of mine, whom I specifically asked to look at it) and one follower (most likely a friend of the previously mentioned person). Considering that some of these Tumblr blogs get upwards of dozens, hundreds, or, in some special cases, thousands of followers within the first couple of days, I'm starting to feel a little discouraged. :(

I don't include NSFW content and I am only just starting to learn to use a Photoshop-like program, so my art is presently stuck in the realm of colored pencils and ink outlines, which, looking at some of the Tumblrs out there, I didn't think would be a problem.

If anypony out there is reading this and has any advice on how to get attention for my blog without just shamelessly plugging it everywhere I go, please let me know.



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