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Adventure blog idea!




Okay, to keep from being a total downer on myself (stupid failing tumblrpony blog), I'll just shoot out my idea.

I'm sure many of you out there have seen or at least heard of Moonstuck. It's an awesome RP-kinda blog starring the uber-adorable Princess Woona and her adventures on the moon. I had an idea to try something in a kind of similar vein. It would be an ongoing comic-like thing, starring several MLP:FiM characters who aren't the mane 6 in a swords-and-sorcery setting. They would form a party, fantasy RPG-style, and hit the road for high adventure!

Possible Characters for the party would include:

Berry Punch the Drunken Brawler

Big Macintosh the Barbarian

Gilda the Archer

Lyra the Bard

Nurse Redheart the Cleric

Shining Armor the Knight

Caramel the Squire (Shining Armor's sidekick)

Spitfire the Blademaster

Thunderlane the Warrior

Trixie the Wizard

Zecora the Shaman

Anypony think this could work? Suggestions? Comments?



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