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my season 3 plans




Ok for those who still dont know yet the new season of my little pony FiM is coming out in about more or less~21 days so November tenth...hmm i am not doing anything that day but watch my little pony and this is my plans:

-set alarm for 9:30

-Wake up

-Load up the site that linkhopper generously sent me(by the way if ur reading this did u email it to me?)

-its 9:45

-Grab a bowl of cereal

-its 9:55

-DONT eat the cereal until the livestream starts

-Livestream starts

-Shovel piles of cereal in your mouth to celebrate

-Episode over

-Go to canterlot

-Discuss season three with brony friends

-Make new meme related to season 3

-Become increadibly happy for the rest of your life




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