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Delving and Diving Deep into the Booming Bowels of Bass's Bastion!




blog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgblog-0608557001351455400.jpgSorry I'm late everypony! Sunday blues and stuff! Nothing to cheer a pony up like a :Pinkie: PARTY :Pinkie: though! Guess who our special birthday boy is today! Bet you can't! I want you to though. There wouldn't be a party if no pony knew who it was. Here's a hint: it's [colour=#006400]DeepBass[/colour]! Woo! :D It's like... wubz pony week or something. How do you get a better bass? You make it deep! I guess instead of wubwubwubwub it's WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB!

So anyway, you know what comes next! It's totally present time ponies! Here's a little tidbit I found that I thought was appropriate!


Here's one from[colour=#00ffff] Angie Cakes[/colour]!


I think it's funny not to do[colour=#b22222] KryptChild[/colour] first. Just cuz. It's not really a joke. I dunno. :D


Aren't those neat? They're such good artists. I hope[colour=#006400] DEEPBASS[/colour] likes them! It's so much fun to say it like that.[colour=#006400] DEEPBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS[/colour]! What are you ponies waiting for?! Wish him a happy birthday and shower him with love, affection and birthday syrup! Shake those flanks!


[colour=#dda0dd]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!![/colour]

[colour=#ee82ee]EoL Pinkie[/colour]

[colour=#0066ff]Liaison of Laughter, Herald of Haberdashery, Singer of Sniggles, and[/colour]

[colour=#0000ff]Birthday Herald[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#000000]of [/colour][colour=#ff0000]S.[/colour][colour=#ff9900]M.[/colour][colour=#00ff00]I.[/colour][colour=#ff00ff]L.[/colour][colour=#0000ff]E![/colour]


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This made my day, GLaDOS. I've been out to sea since the 22nd, running away from hurricanes, and whatnot, spent my 21st birthday on watch, and now, we're in New York providing hurricane relief assistance, and this blog was the first thing I saw. Thank you so much.

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