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Week analysis (Part II!)




Ok im sure some of you are just dying to hear how the rest of my week went, (or not, most of you just really dont care :P)


Saturday- Played some CoD with my clan in 3v3 (Necro Sniping FTW), also prepared for the hurricane

Sunday- Played a bit of minecraft, find out i have no school on monday due to the state of emergency

(supposed to lose power today but doubt i will :P)

sooo yeah in the middle of a hurricane right now ( i would just call it a tropical storm but ok)

theres only been rain since about 5:00 yesterday evening, and if there is a flash flood, i plan on kayaking down the street, so any Baltimarians, keep an eye out for me Kayaking down your street.

Heck i may even kayak to D.C if i can :D



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