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Browneh top ten?




(before i start should i make a seperate blog for top tens? let me know)

Ok everypony its that time of the month (wait whut) for my first top ten (oh ok) ive been wanting to do this, and just shoot my opinions at people, so i thought "heck why not?" so ima be talkin about the top ten things that "rustle my jimmies" so to speak, ard here we go:

10.people trolling bout stupid stuff

weve all seen it, weve all been angry, but not as much as me evry time i see stuff like "mlp is stoopid hurp durp" i want to throw something out my window i mean it mainly makes me mad when say someone has a username on youtube with the word "pony" in it and out of nowhere trolls just like, explode with anger, idk why, it just happens >_<.

9.When i get mad because of my short temper

Yes i really get mad when i get mad, like seriously, im such an idiot that i get mad over stupid stuff and it makes me even more mad that i just got mad over something that stupid lol im so weird its crazy.

8.when people spam invites to me over xbox

Oh my GOD this makes me angry this happens on a day-to-day basis with me, like getting an invite from some random person? meh i let it go, but getting five in the past minute? no just...no

7.When people go on a video, dislike it and go like, crazy

Weve all seen it, it makes me angry, and these people are idiots.*goes on mlp vid*"Gay Homos hurp durp" <that makes me laugh at their stupidity its this that makes me mad> *goes to dubstep vid* "dubstep is stupid skrillex is better blah blah blah".

6.seeing dubstep in like, a fricken childrens commercial

like seriously? every time i see this i wanna, like headbutt a baby, its just stupid...its not evn good dubstep either.

5.when im playing a game, do amazing one match, and suck a second later

why does this happen to me?? i go like, 34-5 one match and then like a minute later im like 2-40 its rediculous!!

4.when my internet derps out

this is like majorly painful for me, because it always does it when im in the middle of something, its dumb, i have to wait like an hour, its agonizing.

3.when girls show "mixed signals"

i hate this so much they are like brain ninjas and just like eat your brain with their beauty, then they take advantage and the next thing i know, im doing this girls class work, wtf?

2.when im trying to sleep and my friends keep texting me

why does this happen to me? this is why i cant sleep at night, and im too lazy to turn off my phoned so im screwed!

1.when im listening to music and my phone derps out

This is like the bane of my existance i hate this so much im in the middle of listening to like adventure time by rogue, and my phones like"welp im tired ima sleep" and it just shuts off, 75% battery, i hate my life.

so i hope you werent completely bored at this, might make some more but idk depends on if i feel like typing a wall of text.

anywho see-ya!



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