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blog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgblog-0848958001351936648.jpgWell if you couldn't already tell by my numerous status updates about the efficiency of UPS, I've been long overdue for a Friendship is Magic "Favorite Collection." After receiving notice that I had to pick it up, I furiously stomped all the way to my local mail center, but once I got that bad boy in my hand I was sweeter than Pinkie Pie covered in caramel! For about the first few hours I didn't open the box, simply looking at it, but my Brony instincts kicked in and I had to get a taste at what I was waiting for for about 2 weeks.

Immediately I see Nightmare Moon, getting a space of her own in this Collectors Series of ponies, her rightful place. Maybe she'll get her own cereal...yeah. Nightmare O's!


Turning it over however I almost died. "Okay, who's in here...Rainbow Dash, Trixie Lulamoon, DJ-Pon 3, Pinkie Pie, Nightmare Moon. Oh! And of course, Lemony Gem and Flower Wishes!" Wait..WHO?!

Taking a look at these rather strangely colored ponies I noticed that there just random recolors rip-offs of Rarity and Pinkie Pie, but more importantly TRIXIE'S OTHER NAME IS "LULAMOON!?" WHAT THE HECK HASBRO! I will admit that its a pretty cool secondary...last name thing, but come on. You gotta make it canon! Just about everything in this pack is canon perfect (save for Vinyl Scratch's glasses design, but I can live with that, maybe she changes the on a daily basis.), I see this and I'm just like...



Anyway, all in all, great buy, and I will be getting Celestia and Twilight Sparkle and a few other ponies in the future. Roll Nightmare Moon pictures! (Let me know who you want to see pics of next and I'll get on that! ;))

blogentry-1275-0-14819200-1351936470_thu blogentry-1275-0-48513900-1351936490_thu blogentry-1275-0-96359000-1351936529_thu blogentry-1275-0-97732000-1351936546_thu

Oh yeah, apparently Flower Wishes is Daisy in the show, but called the later in some merchandise...no idea why she looks like Pinkie Pie, but...OKAY! As for Lemony Gem and the Rarity look...


I don't see the resemblance... ._____.


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