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My top ten favorite movies!




Special thanks to: Tenkan for requesting this!

ok so ive watche ALOT of movies in the 16 years of my life, some were good, some , made me want to tak my eyeballs out and throw them in a dishwaher!

so without further adou let us go!

10.Ed Edd n' Eddy:the movie

i love this movie so much, its really good and funny, also kind of heart warming

9.Without a paddle

a very funny movie, very intense on dumb humore though

8.Land before time, All of them

i love ALL these movies sooo much! they were basiclly my childhood on a disk!

7.Stewart little, The first one

i love me some stewert little, and this is the best one of the three, i hated the second and third imo they sucked.

6.Grown ups

one of the funniest movies out there go watch it, you will not be dissapointed


i love this movie with a passion, it was my first 3D movie, and it was awesome

4.Super toopers

another hilarious movie, although There is Mature content in it, youve been warned

3.pokemon: The movie

this movie is so great, words cant even explain the things i feel when i watch it.


a VERY VERY funny movie, But WARNING: Major M rated stuff in this movie 18+

1.All the fairly odd parents movies

i love every single one of those movies, ive seen each like, 4-5 times

ok so this was my list requested by Tenkan i hope you all enjoyed and if you have any suggestions please comment below, i dont bite....hard ;)



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