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Top five things i like to do on XBL




You did not ask but i still delivered!

my top ten things i do on Xbox Live!!!!!!

feel free to leave feedback, death threats and restraining orders in the comments!

5.internet explorer derping.

theres nothing like being able to explore the internet with an xbox! itz liek teh future!

4.xbox live partying

i love joining a party and just messing about with friends, for no reason

3.youtube hilarity

spend like 2 hours watching people injure themselves LOL


from Drake and Josh to Good Vibes i watch it all day everyday, may start watchin anime, when i get some time, (even tho i have plenty of spare time on my hands LOL)

1.Canterlot derpfest

my favorite passtime going onto my favorite site! heck im on my xbox right now! Blogging! neat right?!?

ok that was mahtop five, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment or PM me, dont be afraid to ask! i dont bite(just kick :D).

and i bid you all an adue(is that how you spell that?) D:



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