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Well, that was strange...




This was so epic, I had to create my first Canterlot Blog to share it!

Just got back today from a trip to my parents and not only quickly got outed as a Brony without any drama, it turns out they were kinda expecting it... :-o

While they already knew I was an equine fur, I could not guess their reaction beyond that.

We already had the CSI furry freakout 2 years ago with a looooong talk about the truth :eek: , so this time was a pleasant surprise. :D

They have permanent custody of my 9 year old neice. Their little Pegasister was so excited I was going to be there this week because in my last trip, 2 years ago, I drew her a Pony that turned out to look just like FiM ponies.

Before I knew it, I was openly sharing my MLP song and video collection onto the family computer. mum and dad were quite floored by "The Garden", "Daddy Discord", and "Or we can fly" being done by fans.

Afterward, my neice wanted herself and a friend drawn as pegasus foals.

This soon led to a ponified family portrait of her, my parents and myself. My parents will be framing the originals and hanging them up. :blush:


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