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Apologies to everyone; back from depression




I am so sorry to everyone I've left hanging. i have so much to catch up on.

Aside from that lingering lung fungus I finally shook off, that little thing I mentioned about a visit to the hospital?

I'm on meds now to keep from meeting Luna's guardian of the dead aspect in person. I found out too late it comes with a side of depression.

Now that I know what Im fighting, I'm back from my party of one, hopefully for good.

It's not been fair to any of you, and I swear on applejack Im going to make it right.



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Swear on Applejack huh? :smug:

Listen Sugarcube, if you've been away because of hospitalizations and illnesses :green:, I see no reason to apologize. :( We don't require you to be here and get mad at you when you're not. All of us have stuff we gotta deal with in real life, and this is no exception. ;) We do not have whips to crack you with, so don't worry. Unless of course you're referring to the +18 section, which may or may not contain a few whips. :lol:

Oh, and welcome back! :)

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