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So you want to get your Oc Accepted into World of Equestria Rp? Allow me to help ;)




blog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngblog-0880610001356389630.pngHello and welcome to the first ever Guide to Rping and Character Creation post! ;) Now I bet you are wondering.

"Gee QuickLime what gives you the authority to pass yourself as some all knowing Rp guru ?"

First off, that's rude and your mother would be ashamed! Second off, I will state right now that I have ZERO Authority on anything, that lies with the Canterlot RPHS (Roleplay Helpstaff) and that if you have any serious rp issues you should contact them :)

SO let's roll up our sleeves and belly flop right into this shall we?

So you've grown bored of all the alicorns and lack of real canon structure in FFA and are wanting to dip your hooves in the scary waters that is the Canterlot World of Equestria Rp, though intimidating at first you shouldn't be afraid to take that plundge! I assure you the World of Equestria Rp is enriching, and very fulfilling with many interesting ponies, places, and plots! (Not that kind-slap-)

To start you off on the right guide let's give you a few tools

  1. Da Rules Read every section of this BEFORE you even start writing, so you understand how World of Equestria Rp works, this is FULL of good things like what playable species are allowed, where you can live, and just in general canon rules for the World of Equestria Rp. I know it's a bit to read but I assure you it is worth it :)
  2. Rarity's Simply Fabulous Roleplay Application Guide! THIS is a key step in joining World of Equestria Rp! Without this there is no forward! Only back! This Guide was written by the fabulous Phil the TimeWizard and you should read this , and use it as a guide to write your applications! While it is not official it is still in my opinion a key component in making a good application :)
  3. Roleplay related questions, don't know where to get the answers? The answer of course is THE RPHELPSTAFF!
    The Senior RPHS List
    RPHelpers List
    But you might be wondering "Lime why are there TWO lists!? I CAN'T COMPREHEND TWO LISTS!"
    For one, calm the buck down child and shh let Momma Lime explain! The Seniors are the ones that have a bit more OOMPH to their word, they are the ones that stamp applications and pass them through, the Regular RPHS are there to guide you through the rocky waters so that you get passed up to a Senior Helpstaffer and get your app stamped :)
  4. Do not fall into the same cliche's that have been done BEFORE YOU.
    So you've finally read everything, took Phil's app and filled it out :D ! You also went to the Ponymaker and made yourself a niceee Pony Image to demonstrate what your character looks like! Now lets talk about cliche's and what you shouldn't do!
    1: Make your pony an orphan! This is overdone and really REALLY annoying to ME and the people that have to read this uncreative trope again and again and again! Your parents aren't dead, don't try to give your character a sad, sobby dead parent backstory riddled with angst and sorrow.
    2: Don't overplay their disabilities/short comings! If your pony is blind, deaf, missing a leg, ect DO NOT MAKE THIS THE FOCUS OF YOUR APP! Don't try to go for the pity card, or the over done "My character seems weak but THEIR NOT!" trope either! It's uncreative! There are many good Oc's that have limbs missing/ blindness without it being the focus of their application.
    3: Do NOT try to insist that your character is an outcast among ponies! Don't try to make it seem like your character was victimized due to their eye or coat colour, it's been proven ponies don't care about that sorta stuff. Another thing to avoid is to claim they were horribly bullied for being different, especially if it's for like "She can't cast magic" or "He can't fly" when your characters are young foals since this is very common.
    4:Make them a battle torn wanderer tough guy that shuts everyone out, this is not in the spirit of the show so don't do it D:
    Also for the sake of it NO MORE DEAD PARENTS!
  5. To keep up with the latest Rp news and such go to here Codexia Equestria! For all your Rp related news!
    Overall stick to the guides and if you need any questions feel free to shoot a pm to a RPHS member that is online! And come back next time for the next installment of this blog
    "I'v been accepted into World of Equestria Rp..Now what !?"
    This is QuickLime signing off!



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