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Pony Talk ; About The Movie Tangled




well,beause i watch thsi alot of time in my home in blu ray ,i this part when flynn cut rapunzel hair for what to kill mother golthel :x yeah right.in the latters sence when rapunzel did come out of the tower when she was little got to be kidding me MOTHER GOLTHEL LET RAPUNZEL OUT LOL :razz: did not see in 18 YEARS :?::-o oh my god why did seek outside when mother golther is slepping she can go to flotating lights that part should be in that moive :-| troll face.dont ask me i have on blu ray or how cost,it came out from two years ago it was 52 amation on disney movies.but i stop watch it but i turn to watch the smurfs yay happy :)



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