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Happy Video-game time!




I received some unexpected cash. 180€ or about 1.337.000$ and decided to rebirth mi "Sega mega drive CD 32X" machine that

I burn in a 66.6667% back in 2011, so I got a 32X and a CD2 for cheap (happily I saved all the cables, the real McCoy behind the high price of those old devices) so,I could play again old time classics like...

Sonic (no, that one still cranks on my mega drive)

Sonic CD :kissy:

Night Trap :mad:

Sol Feaces :halo:

Batman Returns :blush:

Virtua racing Deluxe :kissy: :kissy:

Knuckles Chaotix :geek:

Even I could try some games that required both! :green:



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I know English isn't your first language, but...

"Rebirth"? "Peanuts"? Do you mean "revamp" or "fix" and "cheap"? I think your Portuguese terms are a little lost in translation here.

No offence, but I just want to understand this a little better.

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Neither for you... Those are accepted expressions and I'm not Portuguese. You even knew it's meaning, other thing is that those expressions aren't of your liking, in that case there's also an expression, "Deal with it" I think it applies here... Even showing my sunny disposition I took the liberty to edit it to your tastes. :halo:

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