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Deaths in the herd (IRL ponies)




In the space of a week, the Green Pastures has gained three new herdmembers.

I had not reported on the first yet because it was so disheartening.

Now I must report on that and the next grevious loss to the Mini herd.

Last week, Autumn foaled unexpectedly. It was two months early or we would have been paying attention... The foal was stillborn.

Now her mother, Blueberry, foaled this morning. She foaled in the shed we just rebuilt into a run-in shelter and somehow managed to smash her leg through the wall and get stuck. They...died.

She was our rescue pony, abused by her first owner and never letting anyone near her until recently. She would scream like a little girl if she was touched, but that was getting rarer and rarer. She was our little Fluttershy...

Epona bless and watch over them.



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