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1st Entry: Special Snowflake Syndrome




Disclaimer: This is NOT serious in anyway. This a tongue in cheek "journal" entry from the eyes of an outside party who is observing our Role Play Environment.


The idea of a special snowflake character is one that seems to be circulating in every RP around. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Roleplay environments seem to be no different. There appears to be three "mane" types, as these creators often say. The type are completely pure or dark and misunderstood, with the third being what are known as "clone" characters. The colour palates chosen seem to always directly reflect the type. The attributes surrounding these characters seem to be rather consistent as well. It is believed that these observations can be used to detect any and all characters with the affliction that has been named the "special snowflake syndrome."


Some characters are too perfect. This seems to occur when the creativity of what is known as a "role player" reaches his or her limits, or becomes uninspired and opts to create a character that can do anything, or be seemingly perfect. This often happens when they seem to be absolutely new, or extremely bored veterans. At least in the latter, they tend to make these characters as a sort of an "in" joke. But what is a "special snowflake"? How can one define them?

It seems pretty basic. There are three main (also known as "mane" within the fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) types. The three types are as follows: pure, which is consistent with light and purity; dark which is consistent with brooding or being misunderstood; and this apparent "clone" type, which seem to be copies of well known or liked characters of the show. Special snowflake characters of each type seem to be overly perfect. Quite often this perfection comes with looks and abilities that match their perfection, except in the last one which is the clone. The clone seems to be intent on being one of the main cast characters of the show in question. All three will be looked at and observed in their natural setting, which is to say Canterlot.com's app creation area.

The goal is to observe various types of each, in an attempt to be able to quickly and efficiently find those characters which have the affliction known as "special snowflake syndrome."


The Pure Type:

The first thing that was noticed was the colour of these characters. The characters were coloured in a white or related colour palate. This is usually coupled with enormous abilities and a kind and benevolent personality. The type is almost always what is known as an "alicorn" which seems to be a combination of the three pony types of "earth," "unicorn" and "pegasus" ponies. The type also seems to have abilities unlike any unicorn seen in the show, rivaling or perhaps even surpassing, the most powerful character "Princess Celestia." These characters seem destined for greatness right from birth, almost if they are prophetic. With perfect childhoods, they grow up only to find they are in fact, related to royalty! If they are not an "alicorn" they tend to be a unicorn or pegasus with similar abilities, greatly beyond anything seen in the show or even within the role play environment they have just entered into. The final common trait was observed to be purity in the face of adversity. Many of these characters happen to be orphaned. This is entirely reflected in the second observed type.

The Dark Type:

Unlike the Pure Type, the first difference that was notices is that the colours are dark in hue, mostly black. This has apparently caused a stigma known as Alicorn Black Stallion (ABS, not to be confused with anti-lock break system). As ABS suggests, many of these characters were designed as alicorns like their pure type counterpart. Being a stallion, however, is not something that was observed to be consistent among the special snowflake syndrome candidates. The biggest observable trait aside from appearance is the dark and brooding upbringing. These characters never seem to come from privileged and are considerably emotionally driven. This comes with the notion that they are "misunderstood" because of their dark or evil appearance, but are really in fact good! Like the pure type, they are often depicted as being lavishly beautiful and have connections to all manner of cast character. A common trait if power is not desired is the presence of a broken horn, stealing away all power from the character or limiting it severely. This brings to the last type.

The Clone:

This is a unique special snowflake character. These characters are observed as having many of the same features, dark and brooding past, or a perfect childhood, often with the character being an orphan. What makes these characters so unique is the lack of power, and the connection to cast characters. These characters are observed to be almost exact clones of the counterpart character. So a clone of Rainbow Dash, though may not look like Rainbow Dash, will act and sound exactly like her, often with a competing ability like a "sonic fireboom" These character, along with having ties to cast characters, often have either a rivalry or a romantic love interest with the character they are a clone of.

Finally, there is no evidence gender prevalence in any of these, this includes the ABS, though the term seems to be directed at stallions more than others. However the term has seemingly become a marking for all dark and brooding special snowflake characters.


The identification of these characters are rather simple. They all share similar markings and design cues. They seem to be perfect, and lack a particular amount of creative flair. Many seem to scoff or demean these characters, but it is the opinion of this researcher that this is not the right course of action. The syndrome itself, through research seems to have several different names including Mary Sue/Gary Stu, for respective gender. The characters, while uncreative and uninspired shouldn't be scoffed at or demeaned, but rather pitied. They are the products of cliche in the unimaginative minds of usually novice players. Instead of scoffing or mocking them, people should seek to help and aid them. Direct their creators in the direction of creativity and imagination. Show them the error of their ways. These characters are not at fault, but are rather are the products of the minds of inexperienced players.

These characters need to be pitied, and their creators helped to create effective characters in this diverse environment known as "World of Equestria" Role Play.

It is also noted, that Canterlot.com, must be home to some of the worst parents in role playing history. So many children seem to be orphaned or abandoned, or the characters seem to run away because the parents "don't understand" them. All parents in World of Equestria Role Playing environment should be reprimanded immediately, if they are not already deceased.



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