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Filly Force Five Disbanded!?



Well. I've not been properly involved in any form of RP here in a very long time. I had characters I loved and adored but I just couldn't find the drive. So I spent a lot of time thinking about what I did have and how I might use them and I've came up with new ideas on how I plan to move forward.

Firstly! The Filly Force Five, my first set of OC's and my personal favorites are no more-ish. Vivre Vrai singer and love interest for Rabble Rouser my main OC will be leaving! Now I might cover this in some fanfic if I ever decide to pick them back up but basically it means that Rabble is lead guitar and singer now. This works in a number of ways as it gives the band a form that would produce the sound I would expect the Filly Force Five to have.

Obviously the Filly Force Five cannot remain just that so the name will become The Untutored Youth. No changes will be made to the others as of yet. My personal OC Pale Ale will be accompanied by a new Earth Pony Lager & Lime soon and I'll be starting a bar/hub RP for people to just simply drop in and out of.

Ursa Growls won't change at all and may possibly be removed. I'm really not quite sure yet.


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