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Brony Music Share #5




blog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngblog-0008117001368994194.pngThere is no doubt amongst bronies that Lauren Faust is a genius. The foundation of lore she laid was so superb. One of my favorite things about the universe she created is the Everfree Forest, a mysterious biome of overgrown flora and fauna that the ponies can't control. Whether or not it's true that the plants grow by themselves is a strange occurrence in the ecosphere of Equestria, it creates this really interesting perspective from a land of ponies that control everything, even the weather. Perhaps their planet doesn't rotate, thus they need celestial aide and artificial weather patterns. Maybe their world isn't even a planet. Maybe there isn't even a vacuum of space. Luna did, after all, spend a thousands years on the moon, or in the moon. Whatever. The point is, the concept of a place like the Everfree creates an interesting perspective of something shrouded in so much mystery, while at the same time requires the attention of the story. The forest a bringer of life. And despite its dangers, Ponyville's existence owes tribute to the dark and dreary Everfree.

Episode 9: Bridle Gossip

Evil Enchantress (Electro House Remix)


Show Remix (Techno)

She's an evil enchantress

She does evil dances

And when you look at her eyes

She will put you in traces

And what will she do?

She'll mix up an evil brew

And she'll gobble you up

In a big tasty stew, so

Watch out

Fluttershy's singing of Pinkie's "Evil Enchantress Song" in her deep voice is one of the most brilliant moments of the show. So why do all of those remixes online only feature Pinkie's hyper version? I don't understand it. The reason why I value SimGretina's remix more for this song is because he used Fluttershy's deep voice to impact a great contrast throughout the drops. This is the type of song that intensifies it when you listen with headphones or ear-buds.

SimGretina is probably my favorite brony musician, and will undoubtedly be featured several times on this blog. The way he balances his music is probably what makes it so great. The art of his remixes seem to be to take whatever song he's remixing and allow the song to exist as is, and form things around it to enhance the sound. Other remixes like to manipulate the original by speeding it up, or changing the pitch dramatically. Sim Gretina is like a music archaeologist. He takes songs and digs up characteristics about the song you didn't realize were there before, and enhances them to make them sound better and louder. SimGretina deserves a click every time you see a link to one of his remixes or original works. And when you do try one of his random songs, his sounds have a way of destroying everything you thought you knew about a song and making it better, so... watch out.

Episode 10: Swarm of the Century


Future of the Everfree


Ambient Instrumental

So yeah, here's one most people haven't heard of. I always enjoy enlightening people to songs that are great that they haven't listened to yet. This one, by a brony named BrownPony, is mostly ambient, but plays a very good instrumental style theme. All of the enchantments of the Everfree forest, all of its creatures, the parasprites maybe. They all sing this song in their sleep. I deeply imagine a pony with a talent for listening wandering into the forest and hearing this ambiance and beat. The trees clapping and bellowing its anthem, not so much as scary, as overwhelmingly mysterious.

Some bronies fantasize ponies in space, or space travel in Equestria. Well, why not the Everfree? It's practically like the big oceans of the deep. The ponies, who are very ritualistic and rely on magic, seem to know more about what lies in the secrets of the sky and stars, than they do about they're own backyard wooded area. It's known as a place of death, but then why is there so much life there? Why were the palaces located here? And what story will be told about how the Everfree came to be? Hopefully, the near future of events in the Everfree will unlock those secrets we all desperately desire to know.



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