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Neo Reviews: MLP season 1 episode 15 (AKA: WHY IS THIS RELIGION!)





Who's!? I demand to know exactly who was responsible for this episode!

The moral of this story is probably one of the best things anyone could learn...kind of.

Let me explain when we get to the end.

The story is that Pinkie pie is having random feelings, twitches, etc that Twilight can't understand and hunts for the truth to the point where she evolves again. That's pretty much it without spoiling anything. How do I like it? Well...I don't. I think this story is kind of odd as we randomly end up in areas with no type of way of knowing where it really is. As far as I know froggy bottom swamp is in the everfree forest. Now I find my dis-interest of this episode to be disappointing as the continuity with previous episodes is awesome and along with derpy and pokemon, I should have liked the story but it just doesn't do that with me.

Animation was gorgeous, from pokemon, to twitches. to animals, and everything else. (Lab room equipment.) The animation was spot on.

While all the characters seem to act true to themselves, I think Twilight might be different. I feel like Twilight should have been more open- minded but isn't and that makes me feel odd. Twilight's been really open-minded before and after so why isn't she in this one? Though, maybe I'm just going crazy and this is Twilight.

The voice acting of Tara was extremely likable. Especially when Twilight makes all her annoyed comments and when she's having her break down: "That's not the dosy?"

Now we have the lines and what can I say? The conversations that go on are either hilarious or entertaining. There really isn't a line I hate.

So one other thing before I end it. Dat. Ending.

All right so here's the deal, I hate the lesson learned, plain and simple. As a christian I feel that I should share my religion with those who want to listen, not those who don't want to. If you want to learn about the bible or anything, I'll help you, if not, cool let's go play some video games. The fact that the lesson says to just accept things you can't understand seems like it's yelling at atheists and I disapprove of anyone making fun or hating on any one's religion. (Or lack thereof.) Maybe they were talking about something else but that's the way I interpreted it. I think the lesson would have been better if it was to not question other people's beliefs or if it was to accept your friends even if they believe something you don't. I don't know but this isn't a rant blog. With all of this in mind I give this episode my reviewer rating of C+. Could have been better, could have been worse. Wow I really need to hurry if I want to get to season 3 before season 4 starts...Well this has been Neo: Reviews, thanks for watching!

But wait! We're not done yet my fellow informationist, I have a proposal. You know what's better than reviewing by yourself? Reviewing with Friends! I'm planning on doing a review with ZigZag, who's a person not on canterlot, sometime in august and I thought, why stop there? So I'm asking for help! If anyone (and I mean anyone...) Wants to help with a review, send your thoughts in on Episode 16 or whatever episode I haven't reviewed that's next if your reading this from the future. Just send it to me and I'll do mine along with it, and you'll officially be a reviewer! (If you haven't reviewed before.) It's easy!


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