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Neo Reviews: Friendship is 8-Bit: Story of the Blanks




blog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngblog-0683972001375058613.pngWell here we go! Now we're going to do something a bit different and give this episode a bit of a darker message. I was thinking about saving this for October but I'm doing it now, so let's get started!

So Story of the blanks starts with you playing as Applebloom, somewhere (Being outside or in the everfree forest.) you find Twilight who is taking an item to Zecora. She thanks you and also says that you don't want to be out in the dark. On your way home you encounter some fallen trees. Twilight tells you to wait there as she works but when you move up you'll find a filly who wanders into the forest, and as you follow something really creepy tingles down your spine.

The story at first was hard to understand, even after I played through the game again it was still hard to figure and piece together but I soon did figure out the real story was and I loved it. The concept of creepy things in equestria has always made me excited. I also do wonder how the first cutie mark was discovered and how other's reacted to it so such a thing.

The story does have some holes though, does Zecora know anything about this? Did Twilight see any of the events going on or was she being too focused on other objectives? Was it even real at all? These are the things that never really get answered. Since no one but Applebloom reacts to it I can't answer if it was true, and even a little talk at the end still doesn't answer anything because it was just a monologue, so if no pony else is talking did it all just go on in Applebloom's head?

Gameplay was interesting to say the least. I mean I know the game was horror but it was really easy and really short. There's one part where you might get stuck but other than that I don't think there is any other place that is too difficult. I did love a puzzle in the beginning of the game but that was the only puzzle and kind of made me depressed that it was the only one. I would have loved to see this event take place over a long time so I could play more but alas the gameplay is short and seems to be a running, puzzle game with only one puzzle. (Possibly two if you count the rock.)

The graphics of the game were meant to be in 8-bit and even in 8-bit it's kind of creepy, the whole aura about it coupled with the colours of the dark creepy forest or bright red fire really make it seem creepy. I happened to play it at 1 in the morning EST and I can say that I was creeped out. Also the designs of the ponies really fit into the setting as well.

Now to be fair I hadn't heard about this game before and while I did study creepypasta during a time before canterlot I purposefully did not want to read story of the blanks. Being an MLP creepypasta I just shoved it aside, gaming creeppastas were my favorite and I did read some others but never did I read any MLP creepypasta. That being said I was glad I gave the game a chance as it was fun to play and I did like it. However the game should be longer. (Though it should be set up for a sequel according to the ending.) With all of this in mind guys I give this game a:

C+/B-...wait that's not right...

I give this game a:

7.7 out of 10

It's a good game that is short enough to be worth your time but I do think it should be longer or at least have sequels. (But don't go crazy like the Luna games, I still have nightmare about our princess of the night.) All right guys, so tell me what you think of the game in the comments below, here's a link the game:


and I'll see you all next time!



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I have tried the game a few days ago, have to say I have mixed feelings about it. 1 it left you asking questions, which may or may not be a good thing, or may or may not be the point (to get a saga going). over all I agree its worth the time to play, just because it is so short, particularly if your a fan of old nes games :)

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