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Guidelines and Etiquette for Chatting and Rping In CanterChat





Hello and Welcome to QL'S Guide! I know I already posted earlier today on how to Register your nickname on Canterchat!

Link to it is here!

But for now I want to talk to you about how one should act, and roleplay in the new and improved Canterlot IRC

Irc is a bit different than the old chat, this guide will be broken up into 3 parts

1: Name Etiquette

2: Chatting Etiquette

3: Roleplaying Etiquette

Name Etiquette

It should BE obvious but you should NEVER use a username that is not yours, and when you first enter the chat we'd like you to do so with your canterlot username so we know who you are.

Never use the name of a Moderator, other user, or a RP Character that doesn't belong to you, this is stealing and also incredibly bad manners.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not constantly spam the room with name changes, this is rude, distracting, and makes it incredibly hard to keep track of everyone, One name change per hour is normally acceptable provided you don't break the above rule of using a name that doesn't belong to you

Chat Etiquette

It is polite to try and enter a conversation, the chat is a space for everyone and nobody should dominate the conversation with their personal topic and excluding others from the conversation.

If the conversation is only for you and a select group of friends feel free to make your own room by typing

/join whatevernameofroomyouwant

Otherwise you should try to include everyone in the conversation as nopony likes to feel left out!

Another point I'd like to bring up is link spam, linking to one or two pictures is fine (marking NSFW content as nsfw if you please) but if all you do is spam pictures you'll probably be asked to stop as it clutters up the window and is kinda annoying.

Language has changed here, minor swears is fine, like

"**** I really hated that episode" or "I really love Cheetos **** it!"

Is fine, but you should never aim a swear or curse at other users, it's not nice, flaming and abuse will not be tolerated in the chat, we want to encourage a friendly, positive atmosphere :)

RP Etiquette

Joining the Canterchat Rp is easy, you type

/list into the window and it should bring up a list of the rooms :)

In Canterchat Rp you need to only play characters you own, don't take on Ocs, or cast characters played by someone else, it's not very nice! This only counts to the public room however Be whoever you want in your own private rooms! However stuff in CanterRp is only canon with a cast character if they decide it is :)

Some users like to do "chat style" rp in the rp room and that's fine, but you should always check with all parties involved as some of us (me in particular) prefer paragraph style similar to the boards :)

Overall you should remember to be polite, courteous, and considerate of your fellow users, and treat them as you would like to be treated !

I hope this guide helped and I look forward to chatting with you all!

Sincerely the Queen of Ravens


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