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Neo Reviews: Mlp Season 1 Episode 19 (A Gadget and Neo show!)




blog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.pngblog-0665836001379813069.png(Warning the following is a true review written in a roleplay style. The following characters are Gadget and discorded Neo. Be warned that while this is written to further the review storyline but is also written still as a review.)

Come on Neo look, a dog and pony show, it's like one of your favorite episodes of the entire series.

What?! I think not! This entire show is stupid, not fun, and made for girls, why would I, a busy 16 year old need to watch a dumb girl's cartoon!

Look, Aselia said this is the only way to get you back, so we're doing this review.

These reviews are stupid too. There is absolutely no reason for them to exist.

Oh my Luna...

The story is probably my favorite part of this episode, it's easy to follow, very believable and it reveals to us a new species that are quite interesting to roleplay with. Spike and Rarity are out collecting gems with Rarity's new and improved gem finder now with 20% less rocks, when suddenly they are ambushed by a bunch of Diamond dogs. Spike goes to collect the other mane 6 for help and Rarity uses her wits to outsmart the diamond dogs. Like I said, easy to follow and very nice. Neo what do you think?

It's stupid! The writers finally decide to tell us Rarity's special talent when we're almost finished with the first season! The idea behind it is stupid since no one bothered to mention diamond dogs, and Spike's being over ignorant as usual and trying to court with Rarity when everyone knows that she's already friend zoned him a long time ago.


Animation is very top notch in this episode, what with the diamond dogs and their antics, the unicorn magic being used, and the caves that looked dazzling. The Voice acting and Dialogue were nice too, adding some really funny lines for the characters, and were delivered nicely.

Yawn...boring, boring and boring.


Spike and Rarity, the stars of the episode, are developed a lot in this episode, from finding out Rarity's talent, too learning how far Spike will go for Rarity, the episode does a nice job of showing off these qualities between the two characters and while the other characters aren't represented all that much, it's nice to get a look at these two for a bit. I'm not even going to ask Neo his opinion since, it's clear what he'll say.

Now to me this episode is really important, mainly because this was the episode that caused some ideas to spark in Neo and helped with certain aspects of my development.

Quite the mistake I made. I hate making characters.

The episode is nice and manages to do everything right, for an episode with no song. I give this episode a 9.5/10. The reason it's only 9.5 is because the episode, while being very good, is one that I feel could have been expanded upon more. Plus it's never really got a callback made to it, which I think it should.

I give this episode a 1/10 because it's a stupid episode that is boring and is filled with so many plot holes!

Ugh, Neo no, let's just go. Next time Change Swipe and Time Spinner will be reviewing here.



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