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Neo Reviews: Pony Generator version 3




blog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngblog-0550286001379976166.pngSo now that I've played with the pony generator let's get to this review. By the way I won't be giving this a score since it's an incomplete product.

The Good:

  1. We got Head Turning which is really awesome! I love to look at Time's head when he's staring at me awkwardly.
  2. We got brand new Mane and Tails! However that's gonna get veto'ed in the bad section.
  3. We got neckwear back and that's awesome because Bow-tie Time is Best Time.
  4. We got more accessories for almost everything I can notice.
  5. We got new hats, which i fine and all but I don't normally...WHAT! Time can have a fedora now? What!
  6. I like the art style here. It seems different then the style in Version 2 but I can't really describe how.
  7. The color selection has been made a whole lot easier now that we pick swatches.

However with good there is always bad and this is no exception, though it is an incomplete project so...

The Bad:

  1. Cutie marks can't be added through the generator anymore. Though if you have a clear view of the flank you shouldn't have any trouble adding it yourself.
  2. Many of the Mane's and Tail's such as copyrighted ones, were taken out.
  3. Clothes are no longer around and that makes me sad. I was just getting used to clothes making in Version 2.
  4. Sometimes when moving down a wheel, it will stop when it shouldn't. I only got this thrice but still it's annoying.

Overall I like Version 3 of Pony Generator. It's really fun and has a bunch of new stuff for me to add to my characters. Is it better than version 2? Well...kind of...for someone who can add cutie marks easily with a clear view, I can live with it and if your making a foul with no cutie mark, use this one! If not, then it' up to you, might want to use version 2.



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