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The Steepling




Salutations, non-existent readers and/or figments of my amazing imagination. Due to my extended inactivity on these forums, it's likely that none of you even know who I am (I'll continue to speak as though I have an audience, simply to entertain my insanity). I have been around for quite a while, longer than any page on Canterlot will tell you, under circumstances that are known to a very select few who have likely forgotten. What is the point of all this? you might wonder. I assure you, there is no point as I'm fairly certain no one is even reading this and I'm only satisfying my own hubris, as well as my fleeting notion to jot down thoughts in a public medium.

As to the point that most assuredly exists, it can be somewhat succinctly explained in a singular statement: I have been watching. Yes of course, here and there I'll leave confusing whatnots in some random thread, but never assume that I don't see the trends that happen here. The joy! The struggles to succeed against odds in roleplay. The sadness. The cliques. Empathy and insight are quite valuable skills, I assure you. If you, incorporeal visitor, continue to delve into these passages, mayhaps valuable gems of pointlessness can be yours for the picking.

Sum vigilantes. Ego vigilantem.




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