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Neo Reviews: Nightmare Night 2013




"It was a busy night in ponyville, foals went door-to-door getting candy from folks, many ponies held events that other ponies would go to and enjoy, and there was a nice peace in the air. Yet...something didn't feel right. As I walked along, loving my visit from my friend, Aselia, I found that there was some masked tension in the air, and after joining what I believed to be Princess Twilight Sparkles' haunted house, I learned the horrifying truth, I was right. The Changelings had invaded the city of Ponyville, capturing many of it's citizens and parading around as them. They tricked us into doing horrible things, I was forced to partake in an illusion where my emotions would become sweets for the changelings to enjoy. I was forced to fight against my own friends, in order to live, and it took the power of many ponies, including my own will and wits, to survive. The scars will never heal, and I don't know when the nightmare's will stop, but I thank Celestia that my family, and I survived. If I had lost my brother or my sister...I fear to even think what I might do." -The diary of Time Spinner.

You know what nightmare night shows is that somehow we can all get together and roleplay in a happy and joyful setting with no violence at all, and then the roleplay team can show up, take that happiness, beat it with sticks, and throw it off a cliff. Then they give us changelings and tell us to have fun. Which I did, by the way. Nightmare Night, at least to me, was a success and I loved every minute of it. There are things that could use a bit of tweaking here or there but perfect is over rated and I think the problems it does have are charming. Events like these are the reason I want to be on the event staff, it looked like so much fun to make and sponsor.

So we'll start with the good, because it's the longest.

Having a story like this, that affect threads all around is probably my favorite here. The fact that changelings drop upon us and causes the entire focus of the roleplay to change is very nice. I think it helps to the story that none of us knew so it was easier to convey feelings of surprise this way. However I do know that some users wished they could have used a notice that this was going to happen and that's fine. Maybe it would have helped to give a bit of notice. I for one think that the surprise was very nice, I loved not getting to know about this.

The combat in the threads were very good to me. Not only did I like the way my characters fought back, but they were well written and it seemed like my characters could really work in there situations. I want to give an example just for show.

Time Spinner was in Twilight's Terror Time. There we were put under an illusion to fight each other and feed the changeling with our emotions. Many characters went ahead with this, but Time Spinner didn't. See, Time is a thinker, he's not strong, he's not magically gifted, and he's not sneaky. This thread allowed the revised Time Spinner to do a lot of good. Since Time Spinner is a historian, he has to know as much as he can about everything. Luckily he knows about magic. Right when tentacles started to attack him, he learned that this was an illusion and he was able to fight back, not with strength but with intelligence. Eventually he even gave up on everything and started meditating to stop feeding the changeling because he didn't want to feed her anymore.

It's things like these that really make characters I use to feel useful throughout the whole rp. However there were problems with Combat, and I'm going to explain those later.

Now something that is similar to the story but I still loved is the connection. We were all connected due to the fact that we were in ponyville and that was interesting. Something that I wanted to see, that I hope perhaps the event staff will look into is the crossroads effect. For an example we're going to use obstacle course and terror time. So let's say in Obstacle course the cave took us down below ponyville and as we kept going we find ourselves directly under Twilight's house. Since the ponies are in Twilight's basement the two groups are very close but they don't ever cross each other's paths. Instead something that one does could cause something else to happen in the other. For example one of the ponies in the cave screams because they get scared. The scream gets loud enough that even the ponies upstairs hear it and because of this they each think they hear someone in their nightmare, so they have to react to it. This would cause interesting changes to the RP, so I think it might be a good suggestion.

I loved how each thread was similar and yet different. The changelings did things that were similar to what the mane six would do, but they still acted out a bit, this made somethings noticeably different that anyone who has met the mane 6 before would think is odd. The only one who I think didn't act strange was rainbow dash. Minus the changeling cavern there was nothing that seemed different about her and I almost thought that when the changelings hit, Dashie would help us fight them off. Twilight was different since she threw us into the nightmare. Fluttershy acted different, not only with participating in Nightmare Night but also because she acted odd towards the cage of "Animals." Rarity gave some pretty odd remarks during the fashion show, and Applejack seemed really weird during her hayride. The only ones who seemed normal for their characters were Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow dash, but I didn't read all of Pinkie Pie's thread (Sorry Rosie.) so I don't know if she did act strange. (For her anyway.)

The costumes for each character were pretty cool, and seemed to match their personality, this includes OC's. However some didn't match them on purpose and that did add to the charm of the event.

I also enjoyed the crossing of Canterlot Chronicles and World of Equestria. Especially since Aselia was a really good character to play in this situation. I certainly enjoyed this version of the cross between RP types then the last one. I would love to see more of this.

I could go on but due to the sake of this post, I'm just going to move on to some of the bads, but I only find two

I am well aware that there was an OP problem that occurred. Now this can be a problem. I have seen countless times on all three of my roleplay sites. Now the only thing we can actually do to fix it is tell the person god-modding that they are doing that. Its helped with me, and its helped with others I've seen. A way to help prevent it is by writing down a set of skills that they can use, that goes along with their lore. However this can be a bit of a problem because sometimes you don't know if a power is too powerful. I'm getting side-tracked though. Combat could use an improvement and in fact a few ideas crossed my mind, such as using a dice roller. However most of my ideas were either too difficult to use, weren't possible, or were too complicated for me, and I don't want to suggest something I don't know how to use.

I also found a problem with combat. Now we're going to use my four characters that really did things in the event, those being Time Spinner, Aselia, Octavia, and Gadget.

The girls were the easy ones:

Aselia was built with combat in mind, and because of this she didn't have that much difficulty to do battle. So she was already done.

Octavia's costume was a book that was basically a ponified version of assassin's creed, so most of her weapons were bows and her own hooves. Though she didn't get into much combat.

Then there were the guys:

Time Spinner was easy, because he wasn't really in combat. He was placed in an illusion where all he had to was get slapped with a fish. (By the way, that needs to be a thing from now on.)

Gadget was the one with the most difficulty, his wing was injured during the RP so he couldn't do anything with flight, he wasn't a unicorn so he could use magic, and he wasn't really a strength character. In his Canterlot Chronicles app he will be using his gadgets as weapons, but for this RP I found it to be a bit of rubbish for him to do that. (Huh, never used a British word before.) Most of his combat in the RP was moving things, including a knocked out Flash Sentry, a crowbar, and a cage.

Now maybe others found other problems but this review is from my experiences and I didn't find many problems in my adventures. (Well none from others, I probably caused a bunch of problems at the start with my two characters in a thread a first and my misreading of some of the other posts.)

So then, we come down with tons of really good things in this event and a few bad. Now like I said, I really like Nightmare Night, it was fun, creative, interesting, and very nicely done. I made me want to be on the event team and I tip my hat to you all. (Whoever you all are.) Now then, it needs a bit of work, but its far from being bad, really far off. So now, with everything that I can come up with, with all of my experiences laid on the table, and almost all of the roleplays finished, I give the Canterlot event: Nightmare Night 2013, my reviewer rating of 9/10. I can't wait to see more from you guys. This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading.



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Actually, Dash was different. Look at how Bramble plays her, then look a how ,any times Changeling Dash said awesome. It was in just about every sentence.xd

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Actually, Dash was different. Look at how Bramble plays her, then look a how ,any times Changeling Dash said awesome. It was in just about every sentence.xd

So dash as always? XD

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