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Neo reviews: MLP season 1 episode 21




With 8 days left until season 4, I've decided to get back to work and at least try to finish season 1 in my reviews. We're going by a new system now, which is the old one. If you've read my review of Turnabout Storm, it's gonna be like that, except not as emotional. So let's get on with the show!

Fun fact: Over the barrel is the first episode that I watched on Television, it was the 11th episode I watched. Does that mean I'm going to go easy on it? No. Let's be honest here, Over the Barrel isn't the best episode of all time. It has it's charms but it over stays in welcome and there isn't enough in this episode for me to enjoy. While I love the inclusion of the buffalo, and appleloosa, there are also things that I do despise about the episode.

Giving us a new location of appleloosa is pretty good. I love the old western feel that this episode pulls off, and I don't know if it could have done the same thing in a location of, say; ponyville. It reminds of older TV shows that always had that one episode that took place in the wild west, where all the characters were different and didn't know each other, but they were still the same characters that they were in the normal episode.

The 'weapons' that the ponies of appleloosa used were quite humorous, I loved the apple pie throwing, it really reminded me of some older shows, but it also reminded me of clowns...I don't like clowns.

One thing I don't like is the story. The story of this all isn't very likable for me, it's not something I find myself watching with bated breath. I find it quite boring, and I would of liked it to have gone in other directions then the ones it did. Pinkie's share song helped with the story, but it just wasn't enough.

I don't like braeburn. I know a lot of people really like him as a side character, and a lot of people put him in some of the grossest ships I know. (Braemac and Appleburn.) Personally I find him very un likable and down right annoying at times. I will give him the 'mild west dances" joke though. I found that very funny.

Overall this episode is decent, at best. It has it's charming moments but overall I don't think it does anything. It makes my do-not-watch list and it's overall one of the worst episodes I've watched in season 1. That's not bad, mind you, the worst episode of mlp is in season 2, and there aren't many bad episodes in season 1. It still is one of my least favorite episodes though, and with all of this in mind, I give Over a Barrel, my reviewer rating of a 6/10. This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading.


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quote by NeoExlucky

" I loved the apple pie throwing, it really reminded me of some older shows, but it also reminded me of clowns...I don't like clowns." i busted out laughing at that and still am as i write this lol..but good review i liked it

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