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MLP season 4 episode 4




(Warning: Spoilers for the episode.)

THEY'RE THROWING PANDAS AT US, THIS SEASON! First we have looks in the past, Discord showing up, the castle of the two sisters, and now we get a Daring Do episode! Oh my Luna, this season is amazing so far. As I've said before this season has a lot of momentum going for it, and this episode just carries it on. It also introduces a brand new race! The...cat...things...of egypt...I don't know. I just find them interesting. Not to mention that we got a very interesting action episode that wasn't a season finale or season premiere. Not to mention we got our first diary entry from Rainbow Dash. So then, let's analyze the episode.

We begin the episode with Rainbow Dash fanning over the next Daring Do book being published. When she walks in on the rest of the mane 6 having a random holiday party...or something. Anyways, when Rainbow is told that the next book has been delayed for two more months, she flips her hooves and decides to proclaim to Twilight that she is the biggest Daring Do fan. Twilight and her get into a bit of a nerd fight and then they decide to head towards A.K yearling's house. When they arrive they find a giant mess, along with A.K yearling who eventually turns out to be Daring Do. This is awesome. The story of the episode is quite interesting and is full of references. Not to mention it gives me a real reason to ship Daring Do X Rainbow Dash.

The episode gives us some new information on a new species of Equestria. Although, it looks like we only really got to see one. I'm not quite sure what his race was called though, only that he's some kind of alien, cat, pony, thing. I don't know, but he was really cool, and I hope to see more of this species at some time. We also got to see an odd kind of pony tribe that seems to work for the egypt thing, so that was pretty cool as well.

A.K yearling's pretty cool character. She lives in what I assume is Whitetail woods, but I don't know for sure. We learn that she is Daring Do, and she's quite the thinker. She's rich and famous, she's a reference to one of my favorite author's of all time, and she has a great sense of fashion. Plus she has her whip, and her whip is awesome.


(I secretly hope that whoever plays her does this.)

Alright, so this episode was pretty good. It's good to the point where I don't know what exactly to talk about in this review. So it's kind of short. However the episode does have a few problems here or there, but it's nothing I will put against it, since most of them are so small. The animation was pretty good, as were the characters, story, and fan service, but it everything else was pretty normal. That being said, it still does a very good job of keeping season 4 as one of the best seasons yet. I look forward to next saturday, for the next episode. With everything in mind, this episode gets my reviewer rating of 8 whip cracks out of ten. Very well done. This has been Neo reviews, thanks for reading.



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