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i will be leaving the site...indefinitely.




Hey guys and gals, I am just letting you all know that I am leaving the site indefinitely. Being in Australia and most of yous being in America and elsewhere, i have to stay up late just to talk to you, and even then I don't really get talked to, and when I do, it really messes up my sleeping pattern, which is already messed up. My role-plays end up dying, a lot of my art request threads just get ignored and I feel at times, rather unwelcome and unwanted. I have made many friends on here, of which I appreciate but I just don't really want to be on here, so yeah... Also I now have better things to do with my time.

If y'all want to keep in contact, my facebook is:


my skype is: pogonowski.ben@live.com

But yes, thanks for the good memories and no thanks for the bad ones.

Hope to see some of ya on fb and skype


Dust Storm.


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