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MLP season 4 episode 6 (Warning: Spoilers)




Hah, does anyone else get it? The first episode was where the Mane 6 go back to the old castle was called Castle Mane-ia. I mean that was really nice of them to hint at something, the next time they go back to the castle, makes my heart jump with glee.

Anyways, we got a really nice episode here. Not only did it reference some of the greatest super heroes of all time, but I actually understood the references the first time I watched it. It took me three time before I got the chocolate rain reference in the season 2 premiere. This episode had references, a new villain, and some nice action. Does it hold up to the rest of the season? Well...no. As much as I like this episode, I just can't say that I would put it in the same boat as the past five episodes. I mean, I knew this was coming. We can't have a season with perfect episodes all around. That's not to say this episode is bad, it's quite enjoyable, but personally I don't think it was as good as Castle mane-ia or Daring Don't.

Let's not stall anymore, I want to get to the good part. The story was one that I really liked. Having call-backs to Celestia's old castle (Prediction: Twilight's new castle) is always a win for me, makes me smile every time I see something like that. The world of maretropolis is very nice, and while I don't know who some of the ponies are supposed to be, I like all of the power ponies. Our new MANE villain is also very humorous. I got a joker feel from her and it's very nice to see a villain who doesn't have some kind of weird magic. Nope this one's just an earth pony with a weird mane and some science. Although, does anyone else think she sounds like Luna? Oh well, the rest of the story was pretty good...until Fluttershy hulked out. I don't know why but the story just seemed to drop from my approval at that time. She looked ridiculous as a hulk. After that...well that was pretty much the end. Spike gave his lesson learned and then everyone laughed and went back into the world, like they always do.

The episode left me kind of frustrated with questions. Who sold the comic book? Is this something normal ponies can do, or is there someone behind all this? Normally I enjoy being left with questions, but not in this episode. I feel very frustrated about all this. Sometimes I'd like for simple questions to be answered right at that moment. I understand if there are some questions they don't want to answer for plot points but really? *Sigh* Let's just move on to the next thing...

Well...there isn't really a next thing to discuss. The rest of the episode was really neutral for me. I don't know if it's because of all the family stuff I went through today or if it's just the episode, but at this moment I feel pretty "meh" about the rest of the episode. There's a lot of promise for Celestia's castle now, and you can tell that there is something going on with a sub plot. I guess you could say this was a good episode for spike, since a lot of people leave spike out of most of the main characters in the series. People even consider Celstia, Luna, and Cadence more important than Spike. While in Equestria they are, I still feel like Spike is a more important character, since he does appear in more episodes than the princesses. I guess I could say those things. Anyways, this episode get's my reviewer rating of 6/10. It's not bad...but it's not all that good. This has been Neo reviews, thanks for reading.



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