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Song Reviews #1 Power Ponies




blog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpgblog-0399063001387766757.jpghey everypony its Song Heart here for my first Song review!♪ *sings that part* so i was thinking about starting on the first episode of MLP but that would take forever and i wanted to do this one... so i'll do this one

overall it wasn't that bad. i LOVE superheroes (especially spiderman) so this is probably in my top 20 fav episodes list (yes i have one no i aint gonna post it right now) so i liked this one. but there are a few flaws as always.

1. the ending. i don't like the explaination of where he got the book at the end. it was just..... *screams in pillow* the plot line (ill get to that in a second) was supposed to be that Spike is more than just comic relief... BUT AT THE END HE CONTRADICTS THE WHOLE STORY LINE!!! i mean he wants to be helpful and not just be comic relief... and then he says something incredibly stupid (in my opinion)

2. the plot. i LOVE the concept. of the mane six being superheroes, mane-iac, the cool background scenes. and THE REFERENCES TO SPIDERMAN STUFF!!!! my friend would LOVE this episode if she liked MLP (she sang the grinch song but instead of "mister grinch" she said "MLP") because she LOVES Thor and Loki... for some reason. and i LOVE flutterhulk! i mean its its its its its just perfect! but i don't think it should have been a Spike episode. i mean COME ON. he's already 'imortalized' on a stain glass window in the princess' palace! he saved a empire! HOW MUCH HELPFUL DO YOU WANNA GET?!?!?!?

3. characters i think Pinkie should have been Deadpool (

) exept as a hero!! and Dash should have been Flash (look him up) but i LOVED flutterhulk! the other three i'm not sure if they're supposed to be pony-ized versions of 'real' super heroes or what.

so basicly the episode starts out with Spike reading a comic before bed. Twilight tells him to go to sleep but he wouldn't take no for an answer.blogentry-9192-0-57330400-1387763162_thu the next day spike is feeling unneeded and unwanted. the mane six are fixing up the princess' old castle from Castle-maneia and wont let him help because they don't "need' him to.blogentry-9192-0-68441300-1387763243_thu so he goes read his comic book in another part of the castle. but in the middle of the book the pages are blank.blogentry-9192-0-05835500-1387763367_thu he reads some sort of chant or spell and the mane six and him are teleported to a comic book world where the mane six are super heroes and Spike is the sidekick with no powers that(almost) always messes things up blogentry-9192-0-95953600-1387763453_thu

besides the fact that its a Spike episode i think it's great so far. exept for the 'new personas' i talked about earlier

so the power ponies (the mane six and Spike as humdrum) have to stop the Maneiac (i love this play on words. and Maretropolis)blogentry-9192-0-08529900-1387765188_thu

yeah........... shes insane. so they try to get in control of their powers and it doesn't go that well....blogentry-9192-0-82773000-1387765284_thu

so they finally get their powers under control blogentry-9192-0-73019100-1387765393_thu

oh and i LOVE this scene with pinkie and that henchman. even though SHE SHOULD HAVE HAD DEADPOOL'S POWERS!!!!! blogentry-9192-0-33996100-1387765495_thu

anyway they get all the bad guys but were frozen and their powers 'rendered totally useless' by maneiac and her hair spray ray of doom blogentry-9192-0-70400700-1387765661_thu

so Maneiac takes them back to her lair and Spike follows. he climbs in an air vent saying that they didn't need him and that they probably figured a way out by now. but... they havn't blogentry-9192-0-64040600-1387765913_thu

so Spike traps most of the henchmen in a big blanket thing blogentry-9192-0-10746400-1387766099_thu and lets the mane six free. they round up the last of the henchmen (speaking of henchmen thats one of the few things i have wrong with this episode that they're all copies of themselves. same cutiemark and everything. there are a few unique ones though but only one or two.) but its fluttershy who stops Maneiac. so maneiac is about to use the evil weapon thing on fluttershy when she hurts a firefly and fluttershy is MAD and turns into flutterhulk and crashes her machine blogentry-9192-0-58996000-1387766318_thu and makes Maneiac (if she HAS a mind) have a mental breakdown or something. then they get zapped out of the book blogentry-9192-0-46510100-1387766433_thu

and heres another one of my complaints about the episode. THE ENDING!! i mean the whole episode is about Spike NOT being the bumbling sidekick that does increadibly stupid stuff and then he BLOWS IT!!! he says he got the comic book from a ENCHANTED comic book store and didn't think it was enchanted!! I MEAN COME ON!!!!

*turns into flutterhulk* anyway thats about the story line

i don't think theres really anything else to say. the pacing wasn't that bad exept the ending.and i didn't really see any animation flaws. it was overall pretty good. i give it 7 music notes out of ten. blogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpgblogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpgblogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpgblogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpgblogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpgblogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpgblogentry-9192-0-38229700-1387766683.jpg

till next review, ♪Song out. peace.♪ *sings that part*



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