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please explain why people suck!




so i'm 24 and a pretty decent guitarist and had a talk with a couple of guys that looking to fill a guitarist spot in there band and went and had a meeting with them for like an hour talked and jammed on some little riffs and such and then went our separate ways to wait and hear back from them so earlier this morning i texted the guy's and they where like "well sorry your not what we are looking for, hope everything goes well with trying to find your own band mates " and..thats it NO WHY OR HOW OR RHYME OR REASON! every FU*KING time i want i want to either BE part of a band OR start to form my own NOTHING EVER COMES OF IT and i'm just pissed as hell WHY CAN"T I GO ANYWHERE OR DO ANYTHING I WANT MUSICALLY IN A BAND like i want.....

anyway i know no one is gonna read this and i really don't care i just had to get this off my chest somehow... i guess i should just give up and sell all my **** (not going to but just saying) and just stop trying and caring I've been playing for 10 years but am good at what i do but outside of that i suck horribly (its like i have the mind of a child when i got and try out everything i have is lost in the moment and freeze and die) and i try and get better but just am to lazy to truly get better cause of i feel like **** after doing things like going and trying out and just getting nowhere...i didn't learn guitar properly, i didn't learn covers first... don't know scales or most chords blah blah blah....JUST FML




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Alright, so you got turned down for a band spot....

I used to gig for years as a drummer (mostly sitting in for friend's bands and not actually joining any band despite being asked on multiple occasions, because it was more work than I was willing to put in and was able to at the time). And I work in a music store currently and know many more gigging musicians in bands or who work for fun or professionally in a band or multiple bands, even some as stagehands... So I'm going to impart a bit of wisdom that I have gained in my many years of being a musician and knowing musicians.

First off... Not every band will hire every musician that auditions for them. Some bands are looking for something very specific. I've been told, personally, that I wasn't right for a spot in a band despite being perfectly competent and having experience and it came down to my style not meshing with their style. Was I bummed? Sure, but in the end it was probably for the best for that band.

Likewise I've known people who weren't that good that made band spots because they worked well with the band they auditioned for. It happens and is part of the music biz.

Secondly... No band I know, nay, no musician I know will hire anyone who doesn't know the basics, and for a guitarist that is the scales and chords. LEARN THEM. I'm not sure how you never did if you have been playing for 10 years. To be honest, that boggles my mind, however, even if that is the case, you probably have at least decent fingering fretboard technique and picking technique and can probably pick those things up easily if you give a bit of effort. And if you are looking for a band they want to SEE that effort. Not knowing chords or scales shows that you don't care.

Which brings me to the last thing you need to realize about bands who wish to gig (you know the ones who are looking for a position to fill). They only want SERIOUS musicians, ones dedicated to their instrument. Clearly you are not. Please stop this pity party and choose if you want to be part of a band or not. If you do, pick up your guitar, get a chord book and scales progression book, AND LEARN THE GUITAR. If I walked into an audition for any band not knowing my rudiments I'd be laughed out the door, and it would be my fault, this is probably what happened with you. People whom are experienced can tell who has the training (or put in proper practice) and who doesn't (or hasn't), or who even has the chops to play their instrument without formal training. Unfortunately not all of us can be Frank Zappa or Jimi Hendrix. However with enough hard work you CAN become more like Steve Vai, or John Petrucci.

See what I'm getting at here is the problem isn't really people sucking.... it's you. I apologize for being blunt but you have to hear it from someone, and it might as well be another musician, one who has played at least semi-professionally and knows MANY professional musicians.

And FWIW, you don't need to learn covers to get accepted to a band, you just need to show off your chops. If you can walk into an audition and knock out a killer improv solo in the style they are looking for, will show the band more of what you are worth than playing something someone else wrote. They might ask you to learn certain songs to play that is similar in their style but they'd let you know that before your audition and give you time to prepare, and if you know how to read Tabs, for a guitarist that is immensely easy.

And always remember "Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." Don't blame others for your own unwillingness to properly learn your instrument, just learn your instrument and you'll eventually find a band that you can join.

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well i'm not completely incompetent with my playing i do understand my instrument just no where near where i would like (in terms of knowledge its like i've been playing for 3-4 years....stuck in a box but i have talent for it and an ear for music.) i know what i am doing for the most part but not scales, theory, or more advanced chord forms/voicing's i do have theory books and chord books etc...i just can't really use the theory books cause there hella hard for a non what ever you wanna call it (theory understanding guitarist) its very hard for me to rap my head around that and don't get it at all..

I have my own songs written and such and know them inside and out with the chord knowledge i've had over the years bit by bit..so i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm my own musician first...and in that regard i lack a great many skills i should have by now....i try to learn and apply it but its hard lol i've never sat down with a formal teacher i'm all self taught so that is my problem i guess...

but hey...thanks! a lot of great insight and sorry for my immure temper...

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If all that is the case, then what you need is a mentor or a teacher of sorts. Either a paid teacher or a free course of some sort. Someone to get you the skills that you need to polish what you need. If theory books are too hard there are other instructional books and programs that can help as well. Once you have someone explain the concepts to you and the harder things to grasp I'm sure things will fall into place more.

And again that "Perfect practice" line, is true. I went to a meet and greet with Steve Vai, and someone asked him how he got so good at playing the intro to "Building the Church" His response was in essence "I started slow and took it note by note until I got the sound I wanted and slowly built up the speed with hours of practice every day." He even tried and failed to recreate how it first sounded when he first started practicing! (Just goes to show how much practice can impact how you play things)

And no worries, it happens. Just ask any musician who either got turned down for a residency or lost a residency. (I've seen things.... maturity is rarely a thing in that situation).

In the end, don't accept defeat, this is your instrument, make it yours. For bands you need technical ability, and a willingness to progress with the band. If you have the dedication and drive it will happen eventually, especially if you find ways to fill in the gaps of your skill set.

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