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Mlp season 4 episode 7




*Notices people doing reviews on canterlot.* Oh...I guess I'd better write my review. After all I am the king of reviews! (Only because I had no competition when I first started...)

So; bats! Not only did this start a brand new meme for the fan base, but now we also have a new "species" that some new RPers might actually try to put in World of Equestria, even though that won't fly...no pun intended. Now I said in my power ponies review that the momentum for season 4 finally stopped, and this episode doesn't exactly bring it back, it's a very good start and this episode isn't bad, but I still don't like it as much as Castle mane-ia. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

Now then the plot in this story was...alright. There are so many character flaws that I can't even get my head around it. I mean this episode pretty much revolves around Fluttershy and Applejack. For anyone who doesn't know; Applejack is my least favorite character. Ever since episode 3 in the series, I have always disliked Applejack. Now in this episode not only did Applejack act incredibly unlike herself, but so did the rest of the mane cast! Fluttershy, despite her friends ability to sway her, should not have used the stare on the bats. She's only used it in dire circumstances, against a cockatrice and Discord. Furthurmore, Rainbow Dash only does this because of the cider, and as much as I like episode callbacks, SHE WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS JUST BECAUSE OF CIDER!

Commencing Rant Mode

Some element of harmony Rainbow Dash is! Apparently the only thing she really cared about in this episode was the cider! Her character shows no signs of her even really caring about objects over her friends homes. There is no way in hell that Rainbow Dash would do this all because of the cider and not even give two moons about the fact that these bats are going ruin Applejack's farm. While we're on the subject of the rant, why don't we talk about Twilight's spell, hm?

So what your telling me is that no unicorn has ever performed this spell with another pony around them? Not even a farmer or anything of the like? No, I don't think so. The explanation for flutterbat seems like it was just shoehorned into the plot so they would have a reason for this entire thing. Plus shouldn't the spell leave a warning for this? None of this makes sense!

Okay Rant's over...now let's talk about everything that's good.

The song, stop the bats, is amazing. It reminds me of this is halloween, from the nightmare before christmas. I've got it already put into my pony playlist and my working music playlist that I have set up for when write reviews. It's my favorite song, but it is in my top five songs. The song is so nice and the tune is catchy. I also love the animations for it. Like how everyone is dark except for Fluttershy.

Now let's play the raridash shipping game! In the song Rainbow Dash joins after Rarity decides to voice her opinion, and while that may be for cider, we can also look at Rarity's line when she gets scared while searching for what's still destroying the forest. "I think I'll go check on Rainbow Dash." She says that when she's scared, furthuring the ship. There you go Phil/Rairty/Raridash/Chrysalis/Twicane/Saber/Rainbow Dash.

Okay, so this episode was quite nice. While the story makes me want to rage quit, I still enjoy a lot of the episode. The song was good, animation was nice, but the story still needs work. So let's end this, ladies gentlemen, this episode get's my Reviewer rating of a 6/10. Needs work, a lot of work, but I'll rewatch it just for the song. This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading!



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