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MLP season 4 episode 8 Rarity takes Manehatten




There were a lot of great things in this episode. We got to see an old rival of Rarity's, we got to see a city that we've heard a lot about, and we got Rarity to get tested on her generosity, plus she got that spindle of rainbow thread that I believe may be a key to the lockbox from the season premiere, that or it just shimmers oddly.

So we're going to start off by looking at the song since it was near the beginning and I want to talk about it. The song was pretty good, both the reprise and the main part of the song really fit the episode and the character. I like the song, and it is in my playlist of pony songs but it's not in my top ten, though it's quite catchy and I love tune.

Now we have the character, Coco pommel who is really interesting. I feel like she knows more than we think. Of course she may just be a normal pony. Though the fact that she gives Rarity the sparkly thread makes me feel like she knows what it is, or that she was given it by somepony else. Either I think we might be able to see her again, with maybe a bit of a different role. Either way, we have 1/6 keys done! (I think)

Now, I don't know many people into fashion, in fact I only know about 3 people into it. However a lot of the ways they act in the show seem accurate to the ways I've seen my friends act during times like this. Especially my friend Winterose, who acts a lot like Rarity does already, and this episode kind of just proves it. The storyline was also quite nice in this episode. I love how the characters act, I like the song, the new characters, (especially the secretary) and the city. So let's take a look at the overview and finish this review up.

Before we finish this though, I do want to point out how rude they were to Twilight. Normally I wouldn't mind since they are supposed to be pretty mean, but now they're being mean to Princess Alicorn Twilight Sparkle. Shouldn't they know that she's a princess since, you know,wings and horn? I thought they would address Twilight being an alicorn more in this season but so far, no dice. That's not necessarily a bad thing mind you, but it's still something to ponder over.

Everything in this episode was fabulous! It somehow manages to get the momentum from flight to the finish back. The characters didn't step out of there personalities, the music was fantastic, the city of Manehatten looked amazing, everything was good. I'd say this episode could rival my favorite episodes, and it makes 2nd in my favorite slice of life episodes. The number one spot; is taken by suited for success, another amazing Rairty episode. Man, they make some really good Rarity episodes, why can't applejack get some of that? Also just wanted to say that I read Starswirl's review and he pointed out that this was a raridash episode, and after some thought, he's right it is. Anyways, with all this in mind, this episode get's my reviewer's rating of a 9/10. Amazing episode, I still have very high hopes for season 4 and I look forward to the next episode! This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading.



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This is just an idea, but what if in each episode that centers mainly around the one of the main six at the end that pony is given a gift after all, we have already seen a rarity, RD, and a pinkie pie episode and they all get a gift at the end

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