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MLP season 4 episode 9 Pinkie apple pie




(Warning Spoilers!)

Yay...an apple pie episode. :roll: I'm so excited for this...whohoo...actually once you get passed that part, this episode gets much better, so much better. In fact, the momentum from Rarity takes Manehatten is still here. Things are going excellent for the season so far. So then let's begin this episode of Neo reviews!

So the fact that Pinkie Pie may be an apple family member is actually a good question. I mean when there is a chance that any main character is related to another main character, it gets interesting. Will we ever get conformation about it? I doubt it, but maybe when Inkie Pie shows up at some point, we'll get answers. I'd also like to point out that this episode's plot may have been better if we hadn't already had all the mane six be honorary apple family members, like it was said in super speedy cider squeezy 6000. I know it's not the same thing, but still, they are family members, just not technically.

I also love the in-fighting between the apples. It's interesting to see everything they fight over, and how they talk to each other.. Besides Applebloom and Applejack, we've never seen the apples in a conversation with one another that many times, so this makes it pretty interesting. We also got to see Golden Delicious, and she's just swell, isn't she? She's a horder, she's a cat lady, she's senile, and just about everything else you could think of. I may need to write an app to play her, she's so cool. No I'm not sarcastic, I love Golden Delicious.

And how about that song, hm? I loved it in the animatic, and I love it in this episode. My 2nd favorite singing voice is applebloom (Next to Rarity obviously) and this song really does her justice. She sounds amazing in this episode. So far, considering the CMC theme, hearts as strong as horses, babs seed, and any other song in the series that she's in, I think this is my favorite song sung by her. It's a very good song, not my favorite, or even in my top ten, but still it's a pretty good song, and I don't think that it's just something to brush off. It's a very nice episode.

Now to finish this off, this episode does a very good job at showcasing the relationship between Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Even though it is partially an applejack episode. :roll: (Spoiler alert: Applejack's my least favorite character.) Once you get passed that though, you get a very high quality episode with everything looking nice and sounding nice. Speaking of which, did anyone else notice a change in sound quality, I don't know if it's because I watched this episode in HD or not, but everything sounded different, even the theme song. Anyways, the story is nice, the song is awesome, and the relationships and character portrayals are great! This episode gets my Reviewer's rating of an 8/10...wow I've been giving out a lot of 8s this season. I either need to heighten my standards or lower them. Oh well, next review. This has been Neo reviews, thanks for reading, have a good night, and take care.



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