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So, yesterday, during my carved out chunk of time with my sweet son, I tried to get him to say Mama. Nope, not him. Our exchange:

Me: Say Mama.

Him: *looks at me and smiles* Dada.

Me: No, I'm not Dada...I'm Mama.

Him: Dada!

Me: Mama.

Him: Hi, Dad.

Me: *giggling* No, say Mama.

Him: Hi, Dad.

Me: *trying not to fall over from laughter* Mom.

Him: Dada.

Me: Oh, I give up. I'm Mama and one day you'll say it.

Him: Hi, Dad! Dada!

He then proceeded to play with his toys and fling them EVERYWHERE. So, everyone is Dada...and as hilarious as it is, I'm sure some people would prefer to not be called Dad. He'll get it though, hopefully soon!

On a different note: We found some music that the baby doesn't like! Playing Wrath of Ashardalon with the other half with VEVO playing on the xbox in the background and Miley Cyrus comes on. Pre-hair butchering and all that other gross **** she's doing. Baby was fine with the metal, the hardcore, even the classic rock...but as soon as she came on, insta-scream! Switched songs and he calmed down again. That's right, folks! My son is a music critic...and he dislikes Miley Cyrus.



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Pre-hair butchering and all that other gross stuff she's doing.

I never will understand the fascination with how someone chooses to style their hair and live their lives that people have, her appearance and personal life don't bother me, some of her music is a little eh though :P

Poor Baby, everythings Dad XD

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