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Song Reviews #3 Daring Don't




sorry for being so late on this. it's finals season for me. anyway welcome to another Song Review!

i liked this episode. i liked seeing RD acting like that. it was pretty funny. and i know what it's like to be the bait for someone else to get hurt (emotionally) .... so yeah..... anyway.... this was a pretty good episode. well timed. good story line. and i love the idea the Daring Do is real. but my main problem with it is that if all Daring's stories are true then why doesn't anypony know? surely if there was a giant monster (whatever ahuizotl is) ponies would know.

and if there were these awesome ancient temples lying around everywhere why havn't we seen them before? it seems unreal that there are at least ten ancient artifacts (based on the pile of Twilight's Daring Do book collection) hidden around the badlands undiscovered,

oh yeah another main problem..... NO SONGS. thats all i'm gonna say bout that. NO. SONGS. i think they sould all have at least one song but ya know, thats my opinion.

i'll try to get the next one in tommrow. i've got to study.those spells and history of magic books aren't going to read themselves. i think my teachers are out to get me. they took points away fro RavenClaw just because i accidently blew up the room with a spell. oh well. i'm way behind on math and science, *sigh* oh well.

anyway i give this episode seven random music whatever things i find music-notes-text-emoticon-large-1171.png

anway see ya next rhyme! did i say rhyme? no i typed it.... so i typed rhyme so did i say it.....?



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