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Song reviews threes a crowd




i can't get caught up on the past episodes and i'm not going to try right now with school and all. okay? okay. now this time i'm gonna try to do a video review ((sorta)) and so i don't give anything away to ponies who havn't watched it yet.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaQQwtcF6uQ there.

camera: on

chargeL 100

first of all..... I LOVE THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like, allot. and i love the harry potter reference of "magic spell to cure disease" i'm a HUGE harry potter fan. oh right, the SONG!! it's so me and my cousin's when we're sick.... we've got to get a stereo system that we can turn on with a remote and get the music for that and then record ourselves singing it and when we're sick we'll play it.... *keeps rambling about the song* did i mention i love this son.....


charge: 0

one camera charge later

sorry now back to the video. i love the song and i didn't see much wrong with it (then again i was fangirling half the time that it was a discord episode....) but besides the song i love that its a discord episode! Discord is my favorite pony (or other) in the show besides RD and Pinkie. actually all three are a tie for me. he remminds me of myself. and he reminds me of my BFF in a BAD way...... anyway i thought it was good paced, exept for when they're battling the monster plant. they're ALICORNS. they could've just zapped it back in the hole if they wanted to for crying out loud! *sigh* and i agree with ILoveKimPossibleAllot when she said that the monster plant isn't that original. but other then that it was a great episode

and i love when discord really gets sick bacuse of the plant monster. but another problem i have with that thing, why was it under a giant flower.....? also i liked how he absolutely poitively didn't want Pinkie to be with him even though their perfect for each other ((am i the only one that ships Pinkie X Discord?)) in my opinion. he's smart clever and random and Pinkie...... is Pinkie Pie and random. so anyway let's get to th....

camera charge: 0

a short camera charge later.....

i have got to get a camera with more charge...... anywho i didn't see any big animation errors. but again i was fangirling over discord....... well i'm tired because of all the school i have (homeschooled, no winter break, no snow days) so i'm gonna cut this one short. and the charge will go out any second now so i give this one 7 music thingies blogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thublogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thublogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thublogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thublogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thublogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thublogentry-9192-0-24121700-1390923566_thu

so the camera's gonna cut me off any second now so see you next song rev....

camera: off

charge: 0



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