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Update time!




Hello denizens of Canterlot.com,

Well I'm finally over the sickness that I was struck with last Friday, at least the bad part of it. *Sniff* Hate my nose right now. Anyways, here is what's going on right now:

I was unable to get the second interview out yesterday due to work/oversleeping/internet issues. So I'll try my best to get it out tomorrow before I head to college. Skyward Pirates is going on quiet nicely still, and I think it's just about set to begin the Omega Saga. This saga will have lots of action, uncertainty, madness and chaos, and the realization that things may be lost, but not forgotten. Stay tuned to find out more as either the rp moves along, or I update it here. And finally, I've been giving this one some time to simmer in my brain(mostly 2 to 3 days already), and I think I'm ready to do my first story for this site. The premise;

two friends are tasked on finding many different artifacts that have now appeared throughout Equestria. These artifacts contain the powers of the very first Alicorns that ruled these lands. Each one only has one power, but it uses that power to the fullest extent depending on the user who has it and how creative they can be so long as it was within that element. They will be given a month to either attain all the artifacts or at least has the most will win a 'grand prize' from the company of researchers who all started this event in the first place.

Little do the two friends realize how far this journey can go. When one finds out just how powerful he can become with having these artifacts, that will be when the hunt truly begins. Here is the beginning works of the first chapter:

In a time long before there was Ponyville, or even a Canterlot, there was Equestria Divided. The land was divided into two parts; Equestria Prime, and Equestria Lost. During this time, there were different rulers, a King and Queen of Equestria Prime. They had struggled to keep the weak peace among the two lands for centuries. Finally, they had a plan to bring the two lands together, but this required them to relinquish themselves of their ruling positions and pass it down to their children. Before doing so, they had trapped their powers within twenty different jewelry and weapons, making them into artifacts. Each one holds a different power and element that the Queen and King ruled with. Alone, these artifacts could be used to make an individual stronger than their wildest dreams. Together, they will turn that individual into the new ruler. These artifacts have been dormant for millennium, but now they have resurfaced and now enchant the land with their magic, beckoning and wanting to be one again.

"And this is where both your stories will begin, my fine young contest winners." A stallion in a dress suit and top hat said...

That's about as much as I can give out for now. Stay with the updates to find out how the story is going. As soon as I get five chapters going, I'll begin posting them up on here.

And lastly, I'll be posting up short stories as well whenever they pop into my head for everypony here to read and enjoy.

So, lets recap:

Have to get the second interview out still.

The beginning to the Omega Saga in Skyward Pirates.

A new story will be displayed in either my journal or in the creative section of the forms.

New mini stories whenever they pop into my head will be displayed in my journal.

That's all the updates that I have for now, stay tuned for my next set of updates. Peace!



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