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RP: Lyra's Wish




A new rp idea that I've been having bounce around my mind:

Lyra's one true wish has always been to meet a real human ever since she 'thought them up' when she was a young filly. Others have called her weird and crazy for imagining such things, even her closest friend, Sweetie Drop aka BonBon, has seldom said so as well. She never lost faith, but only wished that the others would believe her. Throughout her filly years, she would continue to think about how it would be to meet a human; what they looked like, how they walked, how they talked, did they feel, how different where they from her and the other denizens in Equestria. One day, she found herself at Twilight's place, helping the purple unicorn filly with some type of spell that would allow non-unicorns to teleport where ever they wanted without the need of magic from themselves, which they wouldn't have. When the spell didn't seem to have any affect after the fifth attempt, Twilight gave up and thanked Lyra for the help. As Lyra left the library house, she came to the edge of the town and saw something unfamiliar near the outskirts of the Everfree forest. It was some kind of creature with lengthy legs, body, and a weird shaped head, and also wearing strange clothing. Lyra was both curious and cautious at the same time. The strange and unknown creature was sitting on the ground with it's back against the tree and head dropping down as if it was sleeping. After a moment, Lyra finally convinced herself to walk over and take a look. As she got closer, she noticed that there was more to this creature than she thought, notably what was at the end of it's arms. It wasn't hooves like what she had, but it nearly looked like claws of the timberwolves without looking sharp. As she looked over the strange creature, it groaned and slowly began opening it's eyes, taking in the surroundings. Lyra quickly took a step back and looked at the creature again as it was now waking up. Little did she know that her dream had finally came true; that she had met her first human. The question now was how did he get here, and how was he getting back home?

This is the plot for the rp; Lyra meeting her first real human. This rp is meant to capture reactions from Lyra, the human known as Hector, and the denizens of Ponyville and even Canterlot. If this is something that catches your interest, just leave a comment below and I'll start up the rp.



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