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Rarity: "Ideeeeaaaaaal~"




Dear denizens of Canterlot.com,

As the title suggest, I have yet another ideal for a new rp. This one came to me when I was searching for pics on google. Here's how the ideal came to be:

While working on the new post for Skyward Pirates rp (Which is still accepting new members btw), I went to my profile to play the music I have saved on there for inspiration. Of course I was greeted by the background gif image of Rainbow Factory: Rainbow Dash. It's a good image, crudely drawn, but still good; however I felt it was time to change it again. I wanted to put up a picture of steampunk Rainbow Dash, how would that not be cool? So I went to google and typed in steampunk rainbow dash under images and started searching. I came across one pic that had Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy both with steampunk wings, flying in the sky with two airships behind them. I thought that was pretty awesome, but what really caught my attention was the title that was on the upper left corner of the picture. My Little Pony: Mares of Tomorrow. I was like "Whoa, this must be a cover art for some kind of rp or story. I shouldn't use this if it is." And with that I kept looking and no longer than a few seconds later, I found another picture that had the mane six and Spike all dressed in old worldly, steampunk clothing with an airship above them, and the same title was there as well. This time I clicked the link to see if my suspicious were correct; but they were not. The site was just a place to post pictures and comment on them. A smile came to my face as I thought 'Well, maybe I can use this for a new rp then.' So here we are, a new rp ideal has come to my head. I hope I can get it complete because I think people might enjoy the ideal.


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy: MLP: Mares of Tomorrow

Mane Six and Spike: MLP: Mares of Tomorrow

RP details will be found on my other blog once I get it up there.

Until next time;




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My mind tends to work like that. I'll get six or seven new rp ideals every week. To be honest, I've been holding back quiet a bit. Here's what I mean:

This month alone, here's the (good) rp ideas that I've had:

Lyra's Wish

Dragon Heart

World of Two



Discord of the Multiverse

and now this one - MLP: Mares of Tomorrow

Anyways, my apologizes for taking too long on posting, but I am sure that you will like this next one; Star will get her chance to escape. It's the how that will make it fun. :)

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Heh, I'll get the premises of the story onto my blog asap and see if others are interested with the ideal as well.

I will warn, though; that rp will require knowledge of MLP (duh) and some knowledge of a card game known as Magic the Gathering. It will make posting in the rp much easier for you.

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