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RP: MLP: Mares of Tomorrow




blog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgblog-0747976001392792596.jpgAs some of you might have seen on my personal blog, I have yet another rp ideal rushing around in my head. Here is the premises:

The day had started just like any other, the denizens of Ponyville have begun their day just like they always do. Starting up the shops, going to school, making and going through with their plans, and hanging out with their friends. Twilight had begun her day as well with a new spell book, and a new project. Of course, Spike was by her side and aiding her with the project. When she revealed that she learned the spell to see into other dimensions ever since her experience with the mirror. Spike wasn't so sure about this at first, but that didn't make him stop helping his friend. It wasn't till Twilight placed in the last ingredient and cast the spell that something strange happened. A bright glow on the wood floor began to rise up, encasing the entire house in a bright white, then quickly changed into a dark blue. It was then that the blue changed into a surreal image of what seemed to be just between Canterlot and Ponyville, except there seemed to be a lot of differences from what the two were use to. They saw big, round, flying crafts in the air. Two in particular were the biggest out of the rest, having the names on each one; Luna and Celestia. The spell didn't last long and the image went away, but not before they saw their friends dressed in strange and interesting clothing. Twilight was utterly giddy at this discovery, so much so that Spike was beginning to worry that she would go even farther. Night had fallen, sleep had found Twilight and Spike as it did every night; it wasn't till the next morning that something happened. "Wake up, sugarcube." Spike heard as he began to open his eyes, seeing a familiar light orange filly standing over him, yet something was off about her. Instead of the smell of apples coming from her, there was a thick, mucky smell now, like oil. That was when he realized he realized that not only was she different, but so was where he was. He wasn't in Twilight's treehouse, but seemingly in the air, inside one of those flying crafts nonetheless. Now Spike had to find out how exactly he got here, was there a way back to his dimension, and how was he going to fit in with these mares? They looked like his friends that he's known since the birth of his life, but they looked completely different as well.



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Well Steampunk has been a woefully rare genre for me to take part in so I'd certainly be interested! Not sure how good I'd be at playing canon characters if this was a Non-OC rp (I tend to write my own characters better) but that depends on what cast you'd be looking for. I'd still be interested in participating either way! :D

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