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Neo Reviews: Snowdrop




Let's begin the marathon of hatred, 4 pieces of fan content , 4 reviews, 1 Neo...joy...

I know I said we'd be doing Button mash this week, but I really wanna hurry, due to the review I have planned after this, so with that in mind, let's tear this idea a new one, what's worse, this thing is personal...

Snowdrop is absolutely awful. It's about an terrible filly, with a stereotypical archtype, and is just...bad. Let's start with the easy part, the good. The animation isn't too shabby here, and the voice acting is also quite nice. If I have to say something good about this, I'll give it to these two things. Now the animation is the best part of the fan-content, and the voice acting is...mostly good. Most of the children aren't all that good, but some of the other characters are pretty good.

Now then, let's talk about the bad part of this episode, everything else. Everything is just...let me try and make some sense of it.

The storyline, really ties into the character of Snowdrop who has such a stereotypical archtype that isn't even played out well. Normally when a character has an archtype, it can be played out well, but Snowdrop's isn't. Snowdrop has what some of my friends call, "The Disabled" archtype, which comes from her blindness, but she's mary-sue, so she's even more ridiculous. Let's check things off.

  • Has a disability that should keep her from doing things, but doesn't seem to do anything?
  • Said disability causes people to look down on her?
  • Gives something to a canon character and becomes "Like a sister" to them?
  • Never accepts help, even though her character shows no signs of being headstrong?
  • Somehow creates something that really doesn't need to have a backstory?

This character just makes no sense. She has all these traits that she shouldn't have in her character. There was a fanfic I read once, that I won't say the name of because it was VERY nsfw. The character was called Jenna, and she was in a zelda fanfic. Jenna was a normal merchant, best friend of Princess Zelda, considered a daughter to the king of hyrule, and was married to Link. So a mary-sue. She shares many qualities with Snowdrop, and she is the reason I can look at this kind of character a bit more in depth. Two friends of mine, they go by ObsidianDragon, and Quill (Not Quillhart) read this with me, and if they ever read this, I want to seriously thank them for showing me the fic.

Back on topic, the story made no sense at all, and I personally think that the reason why people like this, is because of the people behind. If you were to make this a fanfic, by someone who had just found the fandom, the story would have been tore apart and never would have gotten this popular. I absolutely HATE Snowdrop! So you know what? With all this in mind, this piece of fan content gets my reviewer rating of: 3/10, it's just horrible.

Well now that that's out of the way, I have a lot more to work on. This weekend I wanna tackle something that has eluded my gaze until now, Dusk's Dawn, I'm told it's bad. Yay... Well, I have to go force myself to watch something. So Ladies and Gentlemen, have a good evening, stay safe, and take care.



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