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New Pony in town... or more like forest.




blog-0331834001393408325.pngMeet NightMare

Gender: Mare

Race: Earth(?)pony

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Quiet, stays to herself mostly, is very mysterious even in her ways.

Accessories/Extra Features: Her coat sparkles in the night when she is near those that are sleeping. The sparkles are her essence seeping out of her and entering the sleeping ponies.

Bio: Not much is known about NightMare or her race. She seems to be that of an Earthpony, except for her coat that sparkles at night. Only a few books have records of what NightMare really is; a dream eater. As frightening as that sounds, records indicate that the dream eaters of the old only feasted on nightmares that the ponies would be having, consuming their fears and relieving them of their bad conscious. The last of the dream eaters were believed to of been seen two hundred years ago, but now the existence of NightMare has proven that this race is not fully extinct as originally thought.

Nightmare will genuinely keep to herself; staying out of other's sights during the day, and waits for the other ponies to go to sleep before she comes out and harvest the bad dreams. To the ones that she takes the bad dreams from, she will actually appear in their dreams and lead them to a place in their minds where the good memories are kept at, making said pony happy again.

She will stay with the pony or other creature she deems worthy of happiness, but will leave long before they wake up, not knowing that the pony they saw in their dreams was actually with them, and most of them will just dismiss it as a weird coincidence.

((To be finished))

Now then, why is this in my journal and not in CC(Canterlot Chronicles)? To be honest, I really think this is way to far out there and won't be accepted, and even if it was, I don't see this character fitting in ANY rp in there; yet I wanted to get this out there and out of my head. Well, I hope you at least enjoyed the small background story there.


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It's a potentially interesting species, and I like how (in my opinion) it seems to match the flavor of the show to a degree.

That said, I think there would need to be more of a specific personality and maybe something of a history, vague as they'd be, before it would really function as a character. As it is, this seems more like it describes the general tendencies of the race rather than any one individual. Here you've created a species, rather than a character.

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