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Derpy Reviews: "Maud Pie"




Hey guys, today, I'm gonna... review an episode of My Little Pony? :-o

Yup, today I'm gonna review Season 4, Episode 18, also known as "Maud Pie"

Let's begin. I'm a huge fan of Pinkie episodes, and when I saw a thread about this episode, I was pretty exited that Hasbro FINNALY made a Pinkie episode after some time.

The episode is great all around, Pinkie has a third sister, everyone is now discovering it, not to mention... I have nothing else to mention!

Actually I have plenty things to mention. So I was REEEEEEEEEEALLY exited to see Pinkie's third sister, Maud, until I actually saw her... *sigh* :sleep:

REALLY Hasbro!? Really? It seems as though everypony in Pinkie's family is just dull and bland (Except for Pinkie, she's one of a kind), but Maud, ALL she's interested in is rocks. She even has a pet rock, a pebble named "Boulder", gee, what an oxymoron. Don't get me wrong, I still like Maud, but in my opinion, she's just doesn't really catch my attention as a character. (Except when she punches a giant rock into dust)

So I give this episode a 7.5 out of 10.


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